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Mr Maxwell Thomas

  • Mr Maxwell Thomas
  • CEO
  • The Cyber Guardian
  • Australia
  • Showfloor Session
  • SSA1 : Building Cybersecurity Capabilities in the Developing World: Needs, Challenges, and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Openspace WS1
  • Tuesday, 19 November 2013 14:15 - 15:45
  • Panellists


Max is the CEO of The Cyber Guardian (TCG). He first became interested in cyber safety in 2007 when his own family was exposed to the darker side of the world wide web. Convinced there was a better way to protect children on the net, he researched, assembled a team and began developing a new system that would address the shortcomings of existing technology. Whilst TCG’s ongoing commitment is to provide a safer online environment for kids, today TCG is an innovative technology company that has diversified into a range of internet security protection products specifically for governments and corporations.

Max is an expert in child online protection technology and presents at Government level conferences, cyber drills, workshops and global symposiums. He is a board member of the Family Online Safety Institute and a member of the working council of the Financial Coalition Against Child exploitation.