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VIP Session - Speakers

Min/CEO : Council of Ministers: "Broadband & convergence, Internet public policy, New and emerging cyber-threats" (organized by ITU)
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 14:45 - 16:15, VVIP Conference room

Over the last two decades, the Internet has grown exponentially in power, reach and functionality. ITU currently estimates that there are some 1.85 billion Internet users worldwide, or around a quarter of the world's population, who are benefiting from the enormous benefits of the Internet in eliminating boundaries, expanding communications and opening up new markets and virtual frontiers. Internet demographics are also changing rapidly, with Asia-Pacific now accounting for the largest share of Internet users. ITU is committed to connecting the world and ensuring that all the world's inhabitants can enjoy the benefits of access to ICTs. And yet the massive growth of the Internet poses fresh policy and regulatory issues. The Internet has rapidly grown from a global information resource into a platform supporting a range of critical processes and applications. Broadband and convergence is transforming today's ICT landscape and blurring the boundaries between infrastructure, applications and content. The crux of today's Internet governance debate centres on resource management, the management of top-level domains and allocation of IP addresses. Developing countries are under-represented in current governance mechanisms, with an urgent need to ensure that international governance frameworks reflect new market realities. Meanwhile, miscreants are exploiting online vulnerabilities to develop new cyber-threats, which jeopardize the reliability, stability and security of electronic exchanges over the Internet, with a growing need to forge common understanding on internationally applicable principles to combat emerging cyberthreats. This Council of Ministers will share views and insights of leading policy-makers from a number of countries. By invitation only