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Min/CEO : Ministers and CEOs Dialogue: "Public Private Partnership" (organized by ITU)
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 11:00 - 12:30, VVIP Conference room

Over the last three decades, the telecommunication/ICT industry has been transformed by greater private sector participation, competition and liberalization. These driving forces have resulted from the transformation of an industry characterized by strong government involvement in the planning, investment and roll-out of national telecommunications infrastructure into an industry dominated by private players competing strategically on prices, costs and margins. Now, however, the recent financial crisis has called the role of government sharply back into focus, with many governments announcing stimulus plans with an ICT or broadband component to boost employment, stimulate investment in the sector and promote economic growth across other sectors. There is evidence that the social returns on broadband infrastructure investment are greater than the private returns, which means that the private sector alone is unlikely to lead the charge in ICTs fuelling economic recovery, and that government must take simple and immediate steps to assist. In the aftermath of the credit crunch, governments also enjoy greater access to cheaper, more long-term funding than most corporate firms. Public-Private Partnerships can leverage the benefits of both stakeholders to provide greater access to public funding, combined with commercially-efficient discipline in planning and operations. This Ministers & CEO dialogue discusses how investment can be promoted to achieve greater market openness. It considers some of the principles governing Public-Private Partnerships and examines how Ministers can help promote the ICT industry, while considering how industry and government can best work together to promote emerging market growth. By invitation only.