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VIP Session - Speakers

TL/Leader2 : Thought Leadership/Leading Ideas: "ICT, the foundation for sustainable and innovative cities of the future" (sponsored by IBM)
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 14:30 - 15:30, VIP Theatre, Hall 1

By 2050, 70 percent of the earth's total population will reside in cities - from 3.3 billion people today to a breathtaking 6.4 billion. How do we prepare our cities to absorb this many people? How do we build our city's infrastructure so that it can handle the extraordinary societal, economic and environmental demands of this growth?
Over the last decades, people-to-people communication was eclipsed by computer-to-computer demands, causing an exponential increase in traffic. And that was just a warm-up for what's happening now. Today, communication is "everything-to-everything." Literally. Not just phones and computers, but cameras, cars, appliances, roadways, power lines, clothes and all manner of objects, processes and systems, animate and inanimate. The world's physical and digital infrastructures are merging.
These changing needs underscore the need for ICT - the foundation - for building the Smarter Cities of the future. A transformation of the cities presents significant opportunities for the Service Providers in the adjacent markets including Smarter Meters, Education, Transportation, Government Services, Public Safety, Financial Services and many more -- all of which have a positive influence on the economic recovery.
This panel discussion will address the following key topics:
1) Definition of smarter communications
2) ICT's role in building Smarter Cities and its impact on global economy
3) Opportunity for service providers
4) Collaboration needed across various organizations and industries to effect the change.

* Mr Martyn Warwick, Presenter, ITU TelecomTV, United Kingdom

* Mr Scott T. Stainken, General Manager, Global Telecommunications Industry, IBM, United States
* Mr John Gantz, Chief Research Officer and Senior Vice President, IDC
* Mr Benoit Felten, Senior Analyst, Yankee Group