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VIP Session - Speakers

TL/Ideas3 : Thought Leadership/Meet-a-Leader: "Cloud Computing and Innovative Business Models" (sponsored by IBM)
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 17:00 - 18:00, VIP Theatre, Hall 1

Most communications service providers (CSPs) realize cloud computing is here to stay because the cost benefits of pay-as-you-go access to scalable computing resources are simply too great to ignore. But many questions remain about how cloud computing services will be built and consumed. Which kind of cloud services can be monetized profitably? Which kind of IT-as-a-service products can be provisioned? What kind of delivery models are needed, and what kind of infrastructure makes them possible?
This session will illustrate how to leverage cloud computing to YOUR advantage.
The key topics that will be addressed include the following:
1) Describe the most common delivery models of cloud computing (Software-as-a Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and how CSPs can leverage these delivery models to improve their operating efficiency and effectiveness
2) The characteristics and benefits of the dominant cloud deployment models (private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds) along with their pros and cons
3) Key business benefits of cloud computing (IT efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility, improved energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and better utilization of existing hardware and new uses of CapEx, as well as better, and more simplified solutions for internal end users and external customers and partners).

* Mr Eduardo Fernandes Bosco, Head Of CEF, Nokia Siemens Networks , United Kingdom

In conversation
* Mr Michael G. Hill, Vice President, Enterprise Initiatives, Sales, Services, and Business Development, IBM, United States