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Business models

BUS.2 : Defining new business models: Working with price point zero?
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 09:00 - 10:30, Room C

For many activities consumers do not expect to pay, forcing suppliers to rely on advertising revenues or to create complex bundles of devices, applications and services with cross-subsidisation. Some applications and services are launched without a well focused business model, waiting to discover how they are used in the hope of later finding a way to make money.
KEY QUESTIONS: - Are expectations of "free" services an unreasonable constraint on new business models? - How does bundling affect the value chain? - What are the metrics that advertisers expect from new services?

* Mr Keith Willets, Chairman, TM Forum, United States

* Mr Russell Buckley, Vice President, Global Alliances, AdMob Inc., United Kingdom
* Mr Roberto Dini, Sisvel's Founder and Intellectual Property Expert, Italy & Europe, Sisvel spa, Italy
* Mr Gerd Leonhard, CEO, Media Futurist, Switzerland
* Mr Anoop Gupta, Corporate Vice President Technology Policy & Strategy, Microsoft Corporation, United States