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Business models

BUS.1 : Driving innovation and sustaining new business models across markets
Tuesday, 06 October 2009, 14:30 - 16:00, Room G

A key policy goal of ubiquitous ICT and broadband is to foster innovation, not only in the ICT sectors but also across the economy. Thus, the reference to ICT as the infrastructure of infrastructures. As ICT and broadband become widely adopted and used, they become platforms for the development of new services and even new technological development. This session examines how ICT and broadband can foster and stimulate innovation.
KEY QUESTIONS: - What types of new business activity and business models are being developed as a result of ICTs and broadband? - How are ICTs and broadband deployment and adoption stimulating new forms of content including more local content? - What needs to be done to promote local content and local language? - What roles will IPR protection, privacy, and standards play in ICTs driven innovation? - What are potential regulatory barriers to widespread adoption of ICTs and broadband?

* Mr Michael Kende, Head of Regulatory and Policy Sector , Analysys Mason, United States

* Ms Daphna Steinmetz, VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Comverse Inc., United States
* Dr Shanzi Chen, CTO, DaTang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, China
* Mr Preet Virk, Director, Global Network Segment Marketing, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., United States
* Mr Luis Jorge Romero Saro, Former Director of Devices and Customer Networks, Telefónica, Spain
* Mr John Frieslaar, CTO Key Accounts, CTO Office, Huawei Technologies, United Kingdom
* Mr Kees Rovers, Founder and Director, Close the Gap B.V., Netherlands