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ICT & Economic Growth

ICT.5 : Driving demand - Accelerating adoption
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room F

Even though ICT and broadband technology and services are widely available, they are often not adopted or used. Many factors ranging from affordability, education, culture, language, and perceived utility affect adoption of ICT and broadband. This session examines what factors affect people's decisions/ability to use ICT and broadband and what can be done to improve rates of adoption and utilization.
KEY QUESTIONS: - What are the key factors affecting decisions to use ICTs/broadband? - How important is price? - How important is local content? - What is the right balance between the market and government intervention? - What role do/can social networks play in driving demand? - How important are traditional media in creating demand for ICTs/broadband? - What are some specific examples of program that have increased demand/utilization?

* Mr Craig E. Ehrlich, Forum Advisory Comittee Member, Chairman, Novare Technologies, Hong Kong, China

* Mr Paul Doany, CEO, Türk Telekom Group, Turkey
* Mr Daniel Rosenne, Chairman, Tadiran Telecom Communications Services, Israel
* Mr Suraj Shetty, Vice President, Worldwide Service Provider Marketing, Cisco Systems, United States
* Mr Rajat Kathuria, Professor, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, India
* Dr Heather E. Hudson, Professor, ICT Management and Policy, School of Business and Management, University of San Francisco, United States