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ICT & Economic Growth

ICT.4 : Broadband for all
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 14:30 - 16:00, Room F

If ICT and broadband are essential infrastructures along with energy and transportation, it is not enough that ICT and broadband be available to only a portion of society. Rather, it is critical that they be available to all segments of society in order for all individuals, and society as a whole, to benefit from the transformative nature of ICT. This session examines various programs utilized in different countries to extend ICT and broadband to all.
KEY QUESTIONS: - Reconciling mobile broadband with universal service in an NGN world - What is the appropriate balance between markets and government to achieve universal access? - What are different USO models developed in different countries? - Which have been more/less successful in achieving their goals? - What are some innovative USO programs around the world? - What are the relationships between driving supply and creating demand? - Why have USO funds been so difficult to spend in some countries?

* Dr Marko Jagodic, Forum Advisory Committee Member, Advisor to the Director General, ISKRATEL, Slovenia

* Dr Kamal S. Shehadi, Chairman and CEO, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - TRA, Lebanon
* Eng. Patricio Northland, Chief Executive Officer, Satélites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V. (SATMEX), Mexico
* Dr Mohammad Shakouri, Corporate Vice President Innovation and Marketing, Vice President, WiMAX Forum, United States
* Mr Greg Wyler, Founder and CEO, O3b Networks Ltd., United Kingdom
* Mr Guangcheng Li, President, Fiberhome International Technologies Co., Ltd., China
* Dr Nongluck Phinainitisart, President, Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council, APSCC
* Mr Patrick Mwesigwa, Acting Executive Director, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Uganda