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SEC.3 : Managing digital identity: the good, the bad, the ugly
Tuesday, 06 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room E

DDigital identities are central to modern life, in performing banking transactions, making purchases, obtaining medical treatment, not to mention building and maintaining your personal or corporate reputation. Identity theft has become a serious threat, both on the Internet and in data recovered from stolen or second hand discs and computers. Protecting corporate, customer, employee and personal digital identity is of critical importance.
KEY QUESTIONS: - How to properly protect critical data? - What tools are now available to protect digital identity and how best to implement them in your country or company? - How to implement and improve identity management processes?

This session has been prepared in cooperation with the Geneva Security Forum (GSF)

* Ms Deborah Taylor Tate, Former Commissioner, U.S. Federal Communications Commission, United States

* Mr Rajagopalan Ramamurthy, Chairman, Cyber Society of India, India
* Mr Pascal Thoniel, Chairman & CEO, NTX Research SA, France
* Mr Robert Hensler, President, Palexpo SA, Switzerland
* Ms Jaya Baloo, Practice Lead Unified Communications, Professional Services Nl, ME, A, Verizon Business , Netherlands
* Mrs Kelly Richdale, VP International Sales & Managing Director International Operations, L1 - Enterprise Access Division, United States