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SEC.2 : The real costs of cybersecurity
Tuesday, 06 October 2009, 14:30 - 16:00, Room E

One estimate is that cybercrime, stolen data and the associated repairs, cost business US$1 trillion in 2008. Despite the countermeasures, there has been continuing rapid evolution in the malware "industry", such as the development of botnets to deliver spam, trojan attacks on social networks and phishing to obtain personal details for identity theft. New threats will require new spending to limit their effects.
KEY QUESTIONS: : - How high can, or should, the costs of effective cybersecurity go? - What are the best (affordable) management tools to protect data, identities, the integrity of businesses, governments and individuals? - How do we persuade individuals to protect their computers and mobile phones? - Where will the next generation of cyberthreats come from?

This session has been prepared in cooperation with the Geneva Security Forum (GSF)

* Mr Richard C. Beaird, Senior Deputy U.S. Coordinator, Department of State, International Communications and Information Policy (CIP), United States

* Mr Pirkka Palomäki, Chief Technology Officer, F-Secure Corp., Finland
* Mr Alexander Seger, Head of Economic Crime, DG Human Rights and Legal Affairs, Council of Europe, EC
* Prof. Ross Anderson, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
* Mr Raj Puri, CEO, Yaana Technologies LLC, United States
* Ms Cristine Hoepers, General Manager, CERT br/NIC.br, Brazil