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SEC.1 : Tackling cyberthreats: towards effective global partnerships
Tuesday, 06 October 2009, 11:00 - 12:30, Room B

No country or operator acting alone can ensure its own cybersecurity; global partnerships are necessary and unavoidable. The day-to-day functioning of the global economy, basic services, health programs and individual activities rely on efficient and fully operational Information and Communication Technologies.
KEY QUESTIONS: - How vulnerable is the system that is at the base of every service, transaction, communication and exchange required for the steady functioning of the global economy and individual well-being? - Is there a real risk? From who? What? What are the most vulnerable targets? - Did we learn from Estonia? - How are international multilateral cooperative mechanisms evolving? - What gaps still need to be filled?

This session has been prepared in cooperation with the Geneva Security Forum (GSF)

* Mrs Maria Livanos Cattaui, Chair, Strategic Advisory Committee, Geneva Security Forum, Switzerland

* His Excellency Mr Juhan Parts, Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia
* Mr Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder, Kaspersky Lab, Russian Federation
* Mr Carlos Solari, Vice President, Central Quality, Security, Reliability, Alcatel-Lucent USA, United States
* Mr Chihiro Sawada, Vice President, NEC Corporation, Japan
* Mr Carlos Moreira, CEO and Founder, WISekey SA, Switzerland
   Mr Mohamed Shihab, Technical Advisor to the Chairman's office, IMPACT - International Multilateral Partnership Against Cybersecurity, Malaysia