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ICTs and Climate Change

GREEN.3 : Measuring up: Goodbye to green washing
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room E

There is much innovation now on Green ICT, including new network technologies such as NGN, solar powered chargers, universal chargers, more energy efficient modes for power operation of devices and solar powered base stations But there are currently no standard measures to be able to compare one solution from another (fixed versus mobile) or to measure the impact of ICTs on reducing energy consumption ion other sectors. This session will highlight the difficulties in comparing one Green ICT innovation from another. Last year, the ITU-T created a Focus Group on ICT and Climate Change open to all. One of the key objectives of the group was to develop a methodology to describe and estimate the energy consumption of ICTs over their entire lifecycle. The Group completed its work in spring 2009. Customers who see the benefits of going green are often left confused or shortchanged. Exchanging ideas on these issues and seeing how better measurement can be implemented to help advance the Green ICT and avoid "green washing" will be a timely discussion for this audience.
KEY QUESTIONS: - Can we adequately compare different green products or does this amount to comparing apples with oranges? - With the level of complexity and differing functions at the network and data centre level, is it possible to come up with meaningful metrics for the green industry? - How can we use measurements developed in other domains e.g. government policy? Is there a need to coordinate these various efforts?

* Dr Keith Dickerson, Head of Global Standards, BT, United Kingdom

* Mr Patrick Pax, Solutions Marketing - M2M and Green IT, Orange Business Services, Switzerland
* Mr Luc Ceuppens, Vice President of Marketing, Juniper Networks, United States
* Dr Yoh Somemura, Senior Research Engineer, Supervisor, Environmental Management & Provisioning Project, NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group, Japan
* Mr Thomas Spiller, Senior Director, International Programs, SAS Institute, Belgium
* Mr Olivier Dupont, Consulting Engineer, office of President, Cisco, France