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ICTs and Climate Change

GREEN.2 : Green ICT practices: going beyond corporate social responsibility
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 13:00 - 14:00, Room E

Many companies today are already recognizing that going Green is not just a "nice to do" or "must do" under the auspices of corporate social responsibility. Many organizations have taken it out of CSR and incorporated cross cutting measures across the whole organization; some even have Chief Energy Officers Energy efficiency is clearly a low hanging fruit. It is the easiest and quickest thing companies can to do reduce OPEX. Often telecommunications service providers fund that more than 45% of OPEX is spent on energy. Some obvious examples can be found in data centres, and innovative techniques such as water cooling, passive cooling, flywheel storage, virtualisation of servers and data centres, have reduced OPEX considerably..Yet as this is a nascent field, there are no clear best practices and it is important to create a platform for debate and dialogue.
KEY QUESTIONS: - Can we break the old linear model of production, consumption and waste? - Are there best practices for greening ICT products, production, consumption and waste and a company's supply chain? - What are the replicable green business practices that can be taken to make great strides to significantly reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) for businesses? - How can ICT be used as a tool to reduce carbon footprint of companies? - What are the KPIs for successful sustainable business practices?

* Ms Camille Mendler, Forum Advisory Commitee Member, Vice President, Enterprise Research, Global Communications and Converged Solutions, Yankee Group, United Kingdom

* Sir Stephen Gomersall, Senior Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Executive For Europe, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
* Ms Monique Morrow, CTO Asia Pacific, Cisco, Hong Kong, China
* Mr Paul Excell, COO, Innovation, BT Group, United Kingdom
* Mr Alberto Andreu Pinillos, Director, Telefonica S.A., Spain