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New Regulatory models

REG.3 : Mobile broadband and NGN
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 14:30 - 16:00, Room K

Advances in radio technologies have allowed evolutionary paths to be plotted for 3G and for Wi-Fi with greatly increased transmission capacities. There are also many alternative and potentially disruptive and/or complementary technologies including WiMAX and Wireless Gigabit. Technology neutrality is allowing operators greater freedom in their use of existing spectrum assignments.
KEY QUESTIONS: - How do you balance the interests of existing market players with new entrants? - What are implications of the extension of services to cars, trucks and planes? - Where will satellites be an affordable access method? - Is anytime, anyplace, any network achievable any time soon?

* Mr Marc Furrer, President, Swiss Federal Communications Commission ComCom, Switzerland

* Mr Jean-Michel Soulier, President, AXIA Networks Europe, France
* Mr Michael Wigley, Senior Partner, Wigley & Company, New Zealand
* Mr Yoshioki Chika, Executive Vice President, Willcom Inc., Japan
* Mr Len J. Lauer, Executive Vice President and COO, Qualcomm, United States
* Mr Paul Steinberg, Fellow and Chief Architect, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility , Motorola Inc., United States
* Mr Ron Resnick, President & Chairman of the Board, WiMAX Forum, United States