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Technology Foresight

TECH.6 : Future internet
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 11:00 - 12:30, Room C

Fundamental changes are happening to the internet. Unwanted traffic, choking of the routing system, mobility, congestion, privacy, trust and reputation issues are all restricting progress. The very structure of the internet has to change to meet these challenges. Does the future internet mean a shift from the end-to-end principles towards a trust-to-trust principle ? Will the internet evolve from from interconnecting nodes towards interconnecting information ? What are the new mechanisms to improve the quality of end-to-end connectivity and new ways of information storage and delivery?

* Dr Joćo Augusto Schwarz da Silva, Director, DG Information Society , European Commission, EC

* Dr Hiroshi Miyabe, Vice President, National Institute of Information & Communciations Technology (NICT), Japan
* Ms Lynn St Amour, President and CEO, Internet Society, ISOC
* Mr Dirk Trossen, Director, BT Innovate, British Telecom, United Kingdom
* Mr EunWoo Lee, Member of Steering Committee, Jinbonet, Korea (Rep. of)
* Dr Ziga Turk, Professor of Construction Informatics, Secretary General for Reflection Group, University of Ljubljana , Slovenia
* Dr Helmut Schink, Vice-Chairman ITU-T/SG 15, Head of Industry Environment Wireline, Service Delivery and Multimedia, Nokia SiemensNetworks GmbH & Co. KG, ITU
* Mr Chae-Sub Lee, Chairman, ITU Study Group 13, ETRI, Korea (Rep. of)