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Co-hosted - NGMN

CoNG.4 : ITU - NGMN: Mobile Broadband 2010+: Customer Impact
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room A

Smartphones continue to be the device industry's fastest growing segment, with on average 15 times higher data traffic per device compared to the rest of the market. At the same time, new mobile broadband device segments emerge with Consumer Electronics (CE) equipment and Netbooks. In addition, mobile broadband Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services promise to grow the addressable market even further. This means therefore, that the proliferation and increasing adoption of mobile broadband wireless devices are major drivers behind the industry transition towards next generation networks. Furthermore, the early availability and the right feature set of wireless devices, for the network launch in 2010, are essential to make this starting phase a success. In this session, Senior Management representatives from all major device manufacturers will provide insights into the current status and plans in the area of wireless broadband devices. Major items for discussion will be device availability, feature set and form factor for launch of next generation mobile networks in 2010, emerging device segments and services (CE, Netbooks, M2M) and (open) device platforms (e.g. Symbian, Android).
- How does the vendor device portfolio look like for 2010 and what are the features and capabilities? - What are the major challenges to ensure availability of devices and handsets? - How can the industry provide a fruitful environment for future service development and innovation given the ongoing fragmentation of device platforms? - Which services will leverage the capabilities of next generation mobile networks? - What is the device roadmap for the next years?

* Dr Karim Taga, Managing Director, Arthur D Little Austria GmbH, Austria

* Mr Joonho Park, Vice President, Head of Standards & Industry Initiative, Samsung Electronics, Korea (Rep. of)
* Mr Thorsten Heins, Sr. Vice President, Handheld Business Unit, Research in Motion Ltd - RIM, Canada
* Mr Manash Goswami, Director Business Development, Motorola, United States
* Mr Mikko Mäkinen, Director, Nokia LTE Business Program, Nokia, Finland
* Mr Vieri Vanghi, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Qualcomm