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Co-hosted - NGMN

CoNG.3 : ITU - NGMN: Mobile Broadband 2010+: Operational Excellence
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 14:30 - 16:00, Room A

Deployment of next generation technology will effectively address the capacity constraints in current mobile networks. Furthermore, next generation mobile networks will provide customers with a step-change in user experience and therefore will act as an enabling platform for future services - promising top-line growth for operators, vendors and service providers. However, as the financial crisis currently shapes many strategic decisions, the focus for next generation business cases also has to be shifted to demonstrate tangible cost and efficiency improvements in network deployment and operations - this means going beyond capacity and service considerations. In the three introductory presentations of this session, Executives from Operators will give insights into their requirements and current plans to significantly optimise efficiency and performance in next generation mobile networks. In the following panel discussion, leading global ICT vendors will provide an overview on latest solutions and innovations to approach these challenges. Major items for discussion will include levers for increasing operational efficiency (e.g. self-optimising networks and operation & maintenance enhancements), and new measures to enhance the overall network performance (e.g. backhaul solutions, open network interfaces, bandwidth aggregation solutions and roaming).
- What are the main challenges to be addressed to ensure successful deployment and improved operations? " What are the solutions and innovations vendors can provide in the areas of operational efficiency? "What other technology enhancements are planned to improve network performance and capabilities (e.g. measures to enhance spectral efficiency and multi-vendor networks)?

* Mr Reinhard Kreft, Head of Standardisation and Industry Engagement / Head of R&D Consumer, Vodafone Group Services GmbH, Germany

* Mr Gunther Ottendorfer, Technology Director Europe, Deutsche Telekom AG , Germany
* Mr Dawei Zhang, Director of Wireless, China Mobile, United States
* Mr Bruce Rodin, Vice President Wireless Technology, Bell Canada, Canada

* Mr Paul Larbey, Vice President, Next Generation Mobile Access, Alcatel-Lucent, France
* Mr Richard Lau, Chief Scientist, Telcordia Technologies Inc., United States
* Mr Marc Rouanne, Head of Radio Access, Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland
* Mr Jonathan Morgan, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Starent, United States
* Mr Ying Weimin, President, LTE Product Line, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, China
* Mr Erik Ekudden, VP, Head of Technology and Industry, Ericsson AB, Sweden