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Co-hosted - NGMN

CoNG.2 : ITU - NGMN: Mobile Broadband 2010+: Deployment scenarios and plans
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 13:00 - 14:00, Room A

Data capacity constraints in current networks, revenue opportunities with next generation services and the chance to reduce the overall cost per bit of traffic are the key drivers behind the migration towards next generation mobile networks. For the individual operator, the right strategy that allows for the best timing and the most cost effective deployment is crucial in order to become successful. This session of the "Mobile Broadband 2010+" stream with NGMN Board members focuses on vision and reality of next generation mobile broadband with regards to deployment scenarios and plans. The CTO-level speakers from global leading operators representing the regions Europe, Asia, USA/Canada provide an overview on different regional or market-specific deployment scenarios as well as specific regional challenges and the ways to address them. Furthermore, the audience will gain first-hand insights into technology status, trial results, deployment plans and the challenges encountered on the way to fulfilling the NGMN Alliance milestones for the initial launch of next generation mobile networks as early as 2010.
- What are the major challenges to successfully launching next generation mobile networks in 2010? - Which deployment scenarios are prevalent for m ature and emerging markets? And: what are the major drivers? - What specific challenges are operators facing and what are the key enablers to be in place for a successful deployment (e.g. interoperability, security, roaming, etc.)? - What role does the availability of spectrum play?

* Dr Peter Meissner, Forum Advisory Commitee Member, Operating Officer, NGMN Alliance, Germany

* Dr Jae Woan Byun, Senior Vice President, Head of Institute of Network Technology , SK Telecom Co. Ltd, Korea (Rep. of)
* Ms Kristin S. Rinne, Senior Vice President, Architecture and Planning, AT&T, United States
* Mr Mitsunobu Komori, Exec. Vice President, CTO, Member of the Board of Directors, Managing Dir. of R&D Center, NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan
* Mr Cayetano Carbajo Martin, Director of Technology, Telefonica S.A., Spain