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Co-hosted - WIPO

CoWI.4 : ITU - WIPO Symposium on Dispute Resolution at the Crossroads of Information and Communications Technologies and Intellectual Property.
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room A

Session 4 of 4: Dispute Prevention and Resolution at the Intersection of ICTs and IPRs
In today's rapidly evolving ICT and IPR environment, there is a risk that policy will trail reality. As such, new approaches need to be found to cope with gaps and unresolved issues. As part of this approach, new processes for anticipating, preventing and resolving tensions and crises need to be developed. Such process could involve the creation of stakeholder platforms, the drafting of charters and agreements (e.g. User-generated Content of UGC principles) and the increased use of mediation and arbitration in the telecommunications and audiovisual sectors.

* Mr Trevor Cook, Partner, Bird & Bird, United Kingdom
* Mr Ignacio de Castro, Deputy Director , World Intellectual Property Organization , WIPO
* Mr Pierre-Yves Gunter, Partner, Python & Peter, Switzerland