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Co-hosted - WIPO

CoWI.2 : ITU - WIPO Symposium on Dispute Resolution at the Crossroads of Information and Communications Technologies and Intellectual Property
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 11:00 - 12:30, Room A

Session 2 of 4: Infrastructure, Devices, Technology - Ownership and Openness
Ownership and access to infrastructure, devices and technology are and will continue to be contentious issues in the ICT sector. Issues in contention range across physical and logical networks, encompassing areas such as interoperability, interconnection and access to facilities and services, and the development of open networks. Patent and IT licensing practices in the area of network architecture further add to the level of complexity. Any effort to unravel these issues also requires an unbundling of the value chain, involving a consideration of outsourcing and partnering in infrastructure, network operation, and maintenance and services.

* Mr Richard Keck, Macmillan Keck, Attorneys & Solicitors, United States
* Mr Richard Vary, Senior IPR Litigation Counsel, Nokia, Finland
* Mr Malcolm Webb, Partner, MGF Webb, New Zealand