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DEV.4 : ICTs and climate change in developing economies
Thursday, 08 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room F

In September 2008, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) organized a session with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to highlight the close linkages between climate change and sustainable development and highlighted the benefits of mainstreaming climate change considerations as part of overall approach to sustainable development. This reinforced the findings in the IPPC's Fourth Assessment Report released just before the UN Bali conference in September 2007, which included an extensive perspective on the close linkages between climate change and sustainable development. Climate change is the latest in a long list of developmental stressors that challenge our ability to achieve the economic and social objectives that define sustainable development.
KEY QUESTIONS: - How can we bring the climate-change adaptation/mitigation and development communities together to promote sustainable development? - What role can be played by the ICT sector? - This session considers the key issues currently on the table for developing economies with regard to climate change and to ICT developments. - While recognizing that sustainable development and adaptive capacity for coping with climate change often have common stressors (e.g., access to water resources, food supplies), what weight should developing economies give to climate change when development priorities might argue otherwise? - What role can ICTs play in creating synergies with these development priorities?

* Mr Graham Vickery, Head, Information Economy Group, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, France

* Mr Dan Bross, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft, United States
* Mr Parvez Iftikhar, CEO, Universal Service Fund Pakistan, Pakistan
* Mr Bhushan Raj Shrestha, Chairman, Nepal Research and Educational Network (NREN), Nepal (Republic of)
* Dr Carolin Richter, Director, GCOS Secretariat, WMO, Switzerland
* Mr Patrick Kalas, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Switzerland
* Mr Souheil Marine, Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), International Telecommunication Union, ITU