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Business models

BUS.6 : Future innovation: Scientific & technological foundations
Friday, 09 October 2009, 09:00 - 10:30, Room B

Innovation delivers future developments and business models for interactive telecommunications. If infrastructures, devices, standardization and regulation are necessary to set up and to structure telecommunication ecosystem and its economy, they are insufficient to design and develop new services, new contents and new usages for their business and development opportunities. In prospect of the NGN and new protocols deployment, we propose to explore and design some possible future innovations that will allow improvement for health, transport, education, working or entertainment. The key question is how can these smart environments (intelligent object, remote monitoring, wearable devices, robotics, virtual reality or augmented reality) contribute to new innovations, sustainable development and wellbeing.

* Dr Didier Fass, Associate Professor, ICN Business School and LORIA INRIA, France

* Mr Laurent Haug, Founder & Director, Lift lab SARL, Switzerland
* Dr Mark I. Krivocheev, Professor, Chief Scientist , Radio Research Institute (NIIR), Russian Federation
* Dr Yoshihiro Fujita, Executive Research Engineer, Science & Technology Research Laboratories, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp), Japan
* Dr Hung Song, Vice President, Global Marketing Group, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Media & Communications, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea (Rep. of)