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Business models

BUS.3 : Connected health: innovative business models and clinical practice
Wednesday, 07 October 2009, 16:30 - 18:00, Room G

Advances in ICTs can effectively be leveraged to address some of society's most important challenges in health. Although states have the principal responsibility for action and industry drives innovation and investment in this sector, individuals and communities should remain the main beneficiaries. In this interactive session will engage panelists and the audience in an in depth exploration of key themes, priorities and challenges in eHealth for the future.
KEY QUESTIONS: - How can ICTs transform health care? " What does it take to make eHealth a reality? - Are there differences between developed and emerging countries? - What can be learned from other sectors? - What specific actions are required now? And by whom? - How much will proper eHealth cost? And, how much will it save? - What needs to happen to accelerate the development of eHealth systems and drive their use?

* Prof. Lizbeth Goodman, Director of Research, Futurelab, United Kingdom

* Ms Isabel Lobos, Executive Director, Asociación TulaSalud, ONG, Guatemala
* Mr Lawrence Mulinda Nyanzi, Senior Systems Analyst, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Uganda
* Mr Hilmi Quraishi, Co-Founder & Project Director for Social Initiatives, ZMQ Software Systems, India
* Mr Bob Gann, Head of Strategy & Engagement, Department of Health, NHS Choices, United Kingdom

* Dr Ramesh S. Krishnamurthy, Scientist, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States