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WiMAX Forum
WiMAX Forum
Suite 340
15220 NW Greenbrier Parkway
US-Beaverton, OR 97006
United States
Tel: +1 503 924 2928
Fax: +1 503 924 3063
URL: www.wimaxforum.org

Where to find us: Please click on our stand number to find us on the interactive Floor Plan

Company Profile
The WiMAX Forum® is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon the harmonized IEEE 802.16e/ETSI HiperMAN standard. A WiMAX Forum goal is to accelerate the introduction of these systems into the marketplace. WiMAX Forum certified products are interoperable and support broadband fixed, nomadic, portable and mobile services. For more information on WiMAX, please visit www.wimaxforum.org or www.wimaxtimes.com.

Industry Sector : Broadband Services / Applications
Company Type : Academic / Association / Education / Healthcare
Company Size : 11-100 employees
Geographic Regions of Activity : USA/Canada, Middle East, Latin America/Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa

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