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Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability

2011 Work plan

  1. Move forward and build upon the Hyderabad Declaration on IGF Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities, the MESSAGE delivered at the IGF, Main Session on Access and Diversity, Tuesday 17 November 2009, during the 4th IGF in Egypt
  2. Study how to raise the Declaration awareness within the IGF community and the mechanism for wider adoption at IGF level. A way forward to achieve this goal could be to foster its adoption by the other IGF Dynamic Coalitions.
  3. Maintain and update regularly the DCAD website with respect to DCAD work, including information on workshops on accessibility and disability in ICT.
  4. Study and implement liaisons between DCAD and the other IGF Dynamic Coalitions to provide the disability perspective relevant to the mission and focus of each IGF Dynamic Coalition. One outcome is to open dialogue to mainstream the disability perspective in IGF.
  5. Improve the report to IGF on “Accessibility and Disability in IGF meetings” and write Guidelines to IGF Secretariat on how to organize an IGF meeting.
  6. Improve the promotion of the accessibility features at IGF, so more persons with disabilities can join in the future and especially in the planning phase.
  7. Study which measures have to be taken at the world, regional and national level in order to take into considerations the expectations and needs of persons with disabilities for communication networking in the Internet.
  8. Help the IGF Secretariat in building a website accessible to persons with disabilities. Pay particular attention to the accessibility of electronic survey and feedback forms.
  9. Disseminate information and involve more partners in the DCAD work.
  10. To continue monitoring the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) with a representative of the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD) who serves as an “observer” at MAG meetings in order to mainstream the disability perspective and contribute information on accessibility matters.
  11. Encourage IGF to take into account the needs of persons with disabilities in the debates about Internet Governance.
  12. Serve as resource (e.g. answer questions and/or give advice) on accessibility issues to IGF Secretariat.









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