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Help on transaction summary query

The scope of the query

This query allows you to make a search on the database for a specified transaction . You should give the value of the notice identifier in the box.

What to do?

  • Select "Non-planned services" or "Planned services/SOF" from the radio buttons
  • enter the value of the notice identifier into "Notice Identifier" box
  • in case of non-planned services, check "GSO" (Geostationary), "Non-GSO" (Non-Geostationary) or "Earth Station" from the Satellite/Earth Station radio buttons
  • and click on Select button.
  • To restart your query click on the Cancel button.


  • You should enter the notice identifier without leading zero (0) e.g.: 90500134.
  • You may search the General Query System or Plans Query System in case you do not know the notice identifier.
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