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Help on specific earth stations working with a satellite query

The scope of the query

This query allows you to make a search on specific earth stations for specified geostationary satellites. After entering values into the boxes (see below) a list of all specific earth stations working with the selected satellites is displayed.

Selection Options

You can select earth stations working with
  • one or more geostationary satellites having the same name or partial name
  • notified by a given administration
  • for a given beam name or partial name
  • either transmitting or receiving beams or both.

    What to do?

  • Enter the name of the station into "Satellite Name" box
  • enter administration symbol into "Notifying Administration" box
  • enter a value into "Beam name" box
  • check "Emission", "Reception" or "All" from the Emission/Reception radio buttons
  • and click on Select button.
  • To restart your query click on the Cancel button.


  • You may enter full names or partial name for the satellite name or notifying administration.
  • You may use upper and lower case letters.

    In case no value is entered the search is performed for all values on the database.

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