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Momcilo R. SIMIC

Candidate to the Post of Member of the RRB (Radio Regulations Board)
Momcilo R. SIMIC, Serbia

    Momcilo R. SIMIC


Name Momcilo R. SIMIC
Nationality Serbia
Date of birth 21 October 1944
Civil status Married, two grown sons
Languages Serbian (mother tongue), English and French


  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Belgrade University;

  • Several specialized courses on computer programming, software engineering and office systems.


2005 - present Deputy Minister for Telecommunications
1992 - 2005 Department Director, RTV of Serbia (RTS)
1990 - 1992 Assistant Director, Development and Frequency Planning
1987 - 1990 Assistant Director, Research and Development, RTB
1982-1987 Director, MF Transmitters, RTB
1976-1982 Chief Engineer, Development and Frequency Planning, RTB
1973 - 1976 Senior Engineer, Development and Frequency Planning RTB
1969 - 1973 Engineer, MF Transmitters, RTB



1.1 ITU

Mr. Simic has been participating in the ITU activities for more than 30 years, mainly in ITU-R (CCIR) and partly in ITU-D.

At the Plenipotentiary Conference (Marrakesh, 2002), Mr. Simic was elected as a member of the Radio Regulations Board (RRB) of ITU. He actively participated in all RRB meetings, getting additional experience about method and rules of the RRB work and he was appointed as:

  • Vice-Chairman of the RRB in 2003

  • Chairman of the RRB in 2004

Mr. Simic is/was appointed as:

  • Special Rapporteur SRG 10 A3

  • Special Rapporteur SRG 10 D1

  • Special Rapporteur SRG 9

  • Rapporteur SG 6

Mr. Simic participated in many ITU conferences and meetings, including those mentioned below:

  • WARC HFBC 84

  • WARC HFBC 87

  • WARC 1992 (Coordinator for Europe and Africa "Satellite Sound Broadcasting, 1.5 GHz");

  • WRC 1995;

  • WRC 1997;

  • WRC 2000;

  • WRC 2003;

  • RRC 2004;

  • CCIR Plenary Assembly 1986;

  • CCIR Plenary Assembly 1990, as well as in many SGs, TGs, WPs, etc.

1.2 EBU (European Broadcasting Union)

Mr. Simic started his participation in EBU 1974 (WP A). He is/was:

  • Chairman - DG R1/AMDS (AM Data System)

  • Member - the EBU Digital Strategy Group II

  • Member - WP A

  • Member - Sub-group R1 (Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting)

  • Member - WP R/HF (HF Broadcasting)

  • Member - Sub-group R1/HF (HF Broadcasting)

  • Member - WP R/RDS (Radio Data System); Mr. Simic received Special tribute 1992.

As expert for frequency management, Mr. Simic was involved in the resolution of an international problem and received a special letter of thanks from EBU, as well as from the country concerned.

1.3 IEC (International Electrical Commission)

  • Member - Sub-Committee No. 12 (Transmitting equipment)

1.4 Other International Organizations

  • Chairman - European Committee of "TESLA WARDENCLIFFE PROJECT, INC - USA"

  • Ex officio member of the Executive Board of the Tesla Memorial Society - USA

  • Frequency manager in High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC)

1.5 Regional level

  • Chairman of the Session "General Principle of Cooperation" at the Third Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Telecommunications and Posts of the States of South-East Europe;

  • Member of the Coordination Bureau of the Ministerial Meetings for Telecommunications and Posts of the States of South-East Europe.



Mr. Simic started his professional activities (out from his company) in 1971. He was a member or chairman of many expert groups, commissions, and committees within different national organizations, associations and institutions, including those mentioned below:

2.1 SZS (Federal Institute for Standardization)

  • Chairman - Commission for Transmitting equipment

2.2 JNK (Yugoslav National CCIR Committee)

  • Chairman - SG 10

2.3 JRT (Yugoslav Radio-Television)

  • Chairman - Commission for Transmitters and Communications

  • Chairman - WP RDS

  • Chairman - WP AM Broadcasting

  • Chairman - WP New Techniques and Technologies

  • Member - Technical Committee

  • Member - Commission of the Executive Council YRT for satellite broadcasting.

Mr. Simic received a special award of JRT for International technical cooperation and assistance to the LDC (Africa), as Project Leader and Expert Team Leader (1985).

2.4 Other activities

  • Member - Program Committee of Telecommunication Forum (TELFOR)

  • Member - Program Committee of International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting Services (TELSIKS)

  • Member - Yugoslav delegation for International Frequency Coordination

  • Secretary - Organizing Committee of RDS Symposium

  • Member - Federal Commission for the Broadcasting Law

  • Chairman - RTS Expert Group for the Broadcasting Law.


Mr. Simic has written many professional papers. Some of the more significant papers are listed below:
  • 1. "Determination of the electric field strength in the near field zone of high-power LF/MF antennas"
    Co-author, CCIR Doc. 1/147 June 1989, CCIR Report 1117 (1990)

  • 2. "Radio Data System"
    Author, BONAC Technical Committee,
    Nicosia, April 1989

  • 3. "AM Data System - Perspectives for the development of an international standard"
    Author, Proceedings of ITU/EBU RDS Conference, Sofia, June 1993

  • 4. "RDS Paging"
    Author, TELSIKS 93, Nis, October 1993

  • 5. "A MF transmitting antenna with alternative cardioidal or non-directional radiation pattern"
    Co-author, ETRAN, XL Conference, Budva, June 1996

  • 6. "The Role of the ITU in Setting Broadcasting Standards"
    Co-author, TELSIKS 97, Nis October 1997

  • 7. "Coupled Horizontal Dipole Antennas above a Conducting Half-Space"
    Co-author, International Symposium - EMC, Rome, September 1998

  • 8. "EM Field in the Vicinity of Transmitting Mast Antennas Located on a Conducting Half-Space"
    Co-author, International Symposium - EMC, Rome, September 1998

  • 9. "Development Trend and Perspective of the Sound Broadcasting in 21st Century"
    Author, TELSIKS 99, Nis, October 1999



Mr. Simic has great experience in the frequency management (national and international level), as well as in the applications of the new techniques and technologies.

He is the recipient of many special prizes for technical solutions and applications, including the following:

  • Annual Prize of Radio Belgrade for "Technical solution for improvement of loudness area of the Radio Belgrade Programs" - Belgrade, 1981.

  • Annual Prize of Radio Belgrade for "Advancement of the Transmitting Techniques for Sound Broadcasting" - Belgrade, 1988.

  • Annual Prize of RTV of Serbia for "The scientific work in the telecommunications"
    (sharing with Academicians, Prof. Dr J. Surutka and Prof. Dr A. Djordjevic) - Belgrade, 1998.

His professional and cooperative approach is greatly appreciated by all of his colleagues in the ITU




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