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Candidate to the Post of Member of the RRB (Radio Regulations Board)
Taghi SHAFIEE, Islamic Republic of Iran

    Taghi SHAFIEE


Name Taghi SHAFIEE
Nationality Iranian
Date of birth 22 May 1969
Civil status Married
Languages English, Persian
Official position Director General, International Technical and Regulatory Affairs,
Communications Regulatory Authority, MICT
Address P.O. Box 15875-4415, Tehran, I.R. IRAN
Tel.: +98 21 8840 3612
Fax.: +98 21 8846 8999

Educational Background

1992 - 1995 Master of Since in Telecommunications Engineering, Tehran K.N. Toosi University of Technology, I.R. IRAN.
1987 - 1992 Bachelor of Since in Electronics Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, I.R. IRAN


1998 - Present Director General, International Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Tehran, I.R. IRAN.

The CRA (former Directorate General of Telecommunications), inter alia, is responsible for spectrum management in Iran and represents the Iranian Administration in International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Asia- Pacific Telecommunity (APT). Since Mr. Shafiee joined the CRA in 1998, he has progressively assumed more responsibilities in the area of spectrum management and involved with the development of national spectrum management system and harmonization of this system with the Radio Regulations. Currently, he is project manager for updating National Table of Frequency Allocation, spectrum policy and national radio regulations.

As Director General, his regular duties, among many others, include:

  • full responsibilities of the Administration of the I. R. Iran with respect to the Radio Regulations including:

- consideration of the ITU-R Circulars (BR IFICs, CRs, CAs, etc.) and taking all necessary action with cooperation of the related entities or departments,

- consideration of the draft Rules of Procedures prepared by the Radiocommunication Bureau (CCRR Circulars) and provide comments on these draft Rules for submission to the Bureau,

- submission of space and terrestrial frequency notifications to the Radiocommunication Bureau,

  • to prepare and lead the Iranian delegation in different regional and international radiocommunication conferences and meetings, and harmonization of the national views under agenda items of these events,

  • to prepare and present technical and regulatory studies in World and Regional Radiocommunication Conferences,

  • to conduct bilateral and multilateral frequency coordination meetings for space and terrestrial services with other administrations within the framework of the Radio Regulations.

  • to provide regulatory advice to other entities involving with radiocommunications,

  • to be in charge of all required correspondence with ITU and other administrations within the framework of the Radio Regulations,

  • to arrange and organize international (including ITU’s and APT’s) seminars, workshops and meetings in the I.R. Iran.

1997 - 1998 Director, Broadcasting Network Planning, Planning and Development Affairs, Iran Broadcasting Organization (IRIB), Tehran.
1995 - 1997 Expert, Broadcasting Network Planning, Planning and Development Affairs, Iran Broadcasting Organization (IRIB), Tehran.

Mr. Shafiee joined the Iran Broadcasting Organization (IRIB) in 1995 as the lead engineer responsible for planning and installation of broadcasting stations to cover the territory of I.R. Iran by different television and sound broadcasting networks. His responsibilities included conducting site surveys, determining power and coverage area of broadcasting transmitters, and performing post-installation testing validation.

He was also responsible for broadcasting technology assessment and began his involvement in the International Telecommunication Union in 1995 by participating in the Radiocommunication Study Group activities dealing with terrestrial and space broadcasting services.

1995 - 1999 During this period and in parallel with his work in IRIB and CRA, Mr. Shafiee has served as part-time lecturer of electronics and communications courses in Azad University, Tehran, I.R. Iran and succeeded to compile two books which are published in 5000 copies per year. The third one is also under publication.


  • Electronics Circuits, Analysis and Design,
    Volume I, April 1997, 400 Pages, Bahaiee Publications, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN.

  • Electronics Circuits, Analysis and Design,
    Volume II, October 1998, 440 Pages, Bahaiee Publications, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN.

  • Electrical Circuits,
    Volume I, Under Publication, Bahaiee Publications, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN.


Training Courses and Workshops

  • Satellite Communications Training Course, 26 Oct. to 6 Nov. 1998, Advanced Level Telecom Training Center, Ghaziabad, India.

  • ITU-R Seminar and Workshop, Space Software, 1999, Tehran, Iran.

  • ITU-R Seminar and Workshop, ITU-R Software, 21-25 April 2001, Tehran, Iran.

international activities

In relation to his duties in Iran Broadcasting Organization (IRIB) and Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Ministry of ICT, Mr. Shafiee has participated in many ITU and APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) events. He has participated in the work of a variety of Radiocommunication Study Groups such as Study Group 6 (Broadcasting Service), Working Party 6S (Satellite Delivery), Joint Working Party 4-9S (Frequency Sharing between Fixed Satellite Service and Fixed Service) and Special Committee on Regulatory/Procedural Matters (SCRPM).

Mr. Shafiee has been national coordinator for preparatory work for various international radiocommunication conferences/meetings and served as leader and spokesman of Iranian delegation to such events including Radiocommunication Assemblies 2000 and 2003 (RA-2000, RA-2003), World Radiocommunication Conferences 2000 and 2003 (WRC-2000, WRC-2003), Regional Radiocommunication Conferences 2004 and 2006 (RRC-04, RRC-06), all APT preparatory meetings for WRC-2000, WRC-2003 and WRC-2007 (APG2000-1, APG2000-2, APG2000-3, APG2000-4, APG03-1, APG03-2, APG03-3, APG03-4, APG03-5, APG07-1, APG07-2 and APG07-3). He was also a key person of the Iranian delegation to the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-02) and 2002 Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-02) during which, the Islamic Republic of Iran was elected as the member of the ITU Council.

He is active in Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Preparatory Group (APG) for world radiocommunication conferences and has chaired various drafting groups in preparation for WRC-2000, WRC-2003 and WRC-2007. During and in preparatory work for WRC-2000, he has been one of the active members of the Asia-Pacific Group of Technical Experts for Broadcasting Satellite Service and participated in meetings of the ITU Group of Technical Experts (GTE) and Inter-conference Representative Group (IRG) for Regions 1 and 3 Broadcasting Satellite Service Re-planning.

He has served as APT spokesman and topic coordinator for regulatory issues during WRC-2003 and currently is the chairman of Working Party 7 (Regulatory Issues and Agenda Items for future conferences) of the APG in 2003-2007 cycle to prepare for WRC-07.

Mr. Shafiee advises the governmental departments in matters concerning a variety of regulatory issues, planning, allocation, registration, frequency coordination and satellite orbits.



Mr. Shafiee has 12 years of technical and regulatory experience in the area of radiocommunications as well as national and international spectrum management experience. He has experience in both terrestrial and space communications and the application of the Radio Regulations. He has participated in multiple World and Regional Radiocommunication Conferences, contributing to the technical and regulatory studies addressing conference agenda items and preparing and presenting proposals. He therefore has required qualifications and experiences to serve the ITU membership as an effective Member of the Radio Regulations Board if he is elected as a member of the Board.



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