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Abdelkrim Karim BOUSSAID

Candidate to the Post of Director of the BDT (Telecommunication Development Bureau)
Abdelkrim Karim BOUSSAID, Algeria

    Abdelkrim Karim BOUSSAID


Name Abdelkrim Karim BOUSSAID
Nationality Algerian
Date of birth 18 November 1951
Place of birth Algeria
Civil status Married, one child
Languages Arabic, French, English and basic Spanish


Graduated in Law
Algiers University


Over 24 years of increased responsibility in various fields, including the legal and regulatory affairs, management, strategic planning, and implementation, in the evolving telecommunication sector.

International Telecommunication Union, Switzerland

Programme Administrator,Responsible for developing the overall Strategies and coordinating all activities related to the Telecommunications Development Programme using TELECOM surplus funds: March 2005 to present.

Head, Sector Strategies and Conferences, BDT, Responsible for analysing the communication environment and relations with international organizations; in charge of planning, organizing and conducting world and regional telecommunication development conferences and the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG): April 1999-March 2005.

International Telecommunication Union representative to the United Nations, New York, on development issues: August/1998-March/1999.

Head, External Affairs, Responsible for relations with Member States, Sector Members and international organizations; Executive Secretary at world conferences and meetings of the ITU Council; participated in work of the organization committee responsible for preparing the UN Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC); responsible for the UN inter-agency project on the Right to Communicate; participated in the special follow-up group for the Copenhagen Summit; participated in the WTO negotiations on the liberalization of basic telecommunications: 1996-1998.

Expert in telecommunication policy and regulation, Strategic Planning, Responsible for developing strategies for establishing the World Telecommunication Policy Forum; responsible for management and follow-up of regulatory colloquia; focal point for all telecommunication policy and regulatory issues; conducted analyses and assessments of the interplay between trends in telecommunication policy and policy in other areas such as trade, investment, human rights, etc.; responsible for work on the Right to Communicate and liaison with the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) and the United Nations Human Rights secretariat: April 1993-1996.

Legal Officer, Drafted texts and analyses on legal aspects of the structure, functions and activities of ITU; drew up legal opinions, views and advice for the various organs of ITU; reviewed and revised contracts, conventions, agreements and other texts submitted to the Legal Service; participated in conferences, providing legal advice on any issues raised; contributed to the work of the Voluntary Group of Experts on simplification of the Radio Regulations international treaty: December 1991-1993.

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Algeria

Adviser to the Minister, Participated in the PTT restructuring project; participated in work on reform of the PTT code (1975 Ordinance); responsible for briefs relating to the Minister's participation in government activities, and for preparing and organizing the Minister's activities in relation to press bodies and associations; organized and coordinated international activities and relationships with intergovernmental organizations (INTELSAT, INMARSAT, PATU, ATU, ITU): 1988-1991.

Ministry of Communication, Algeria

Deputy Director of Plans and Projects, Launched studies relating to development, organization and regulation of the written press; helped to coordinate activities associated with teleprinting projects; rapporteur of the inter-ministerial commission on social communication: 1986-1987.

Director of Research and Development, National Documentation, Press and Information Centre, Participated in the implementation of projects on documentary work; initiated studies for the political, economic and financial database project; also participated in the development of training plans related to documentation, press and information activities: 1985-1986.

Ministry of Information and Culture, Algeria

Planning Officer, Planning Department, Participated in studies and reporting on the development and organization of the communication sector; also participated in planning and programming of the work of central services and establishments under government supervision: 1982-1984.

National Agricultural Equipment Agency, Algeria

Officer, Technical Department, Secretary to the Contracts Committee, Assisted in centralizing requirements and drawing up annual and pluriannual purchasing plans; drew up national and international invitations to tender; engaged in contract negotiations and supervised contract execution: 1981-1982.


  • Vice-Chairman of the High Level Committee (H.L.C.) to review the structure and functioning of ITU
  • Member of the secretariat of the drafting group set up to elaborate draft texts for revision of the basic instruments of the Union
  • Participant to the work of the Voluntary Group of Experts (VGE) on simplification of the Radio Regulations
  • Participant to the work of the International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) on Resolution 106 ad hoc group
  • Participant in the work of the CCIR Plenary Assembly on restructuring of the study groups (Resolution 107) and the corresponding CCITT group (Resolution 18)
  • Responsible for the establishment of the World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) on Global Mobile Personal Communications
  • Executive Secretary, World Radiocommunication Conference 95 and 97
  • Responsible for the inter-agency project on the Right to universal access to basic communication and information infrastructures and services
  • Responsible for the planning and the organization of regional preparatory meetings (RPM) for the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-02).
  • Responsible for the planning and the organization of regional preparatory meetings for the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTD-C06).
  • Chairman of the inter-agency Group on universal access to basic communication and information services
  • Responsible for the organization of roundtables for Heads of States and Heads of Governments during the Geneva phase 1 (Geneva) and phase 2 (Tunis) of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).


  • Member of the International bar Association (IBA).




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