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Network Security

Considering the growing role of the Internet in today's society, technology convergence and, in particular, the increasing network interconnection, information systems are more vulnerable than ever before and are  exposed to a growing number of threats. ICTs raise new challenges for security, and new concerns are being addressed by several national and international entities. 

International Telecommunication Union - Network Security:

"In a world of intertwined global networks, is there a need for a coordinated, sustained, and institutionalized approach to protecting critical network infrastructures?"

Creating Trust In Critical Network Infrastructures, Seoul, Korea, May 2002.

ITU Standardization Sector: Workshop on Security, Seoul, Korea, May 2002.


Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD):

"For global networks to be trustworthy, infrastructures and services must be reliable, transactions must be secure and private, and personal data must be effectively protected"

Information Security and Privacy

Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks: Towards a Culture of Security


European Commission - e-Europe: 

"Security is becoming a key priority because communication and information have become a key factor in economic and societal development."

Secure Internet Secure networks and smart cards 

Network and Information Security: Proposal for a European Policy Approach

COUNCIL RESOLUTION of 28 January 2002 on a common approach and specific actions in the area of network and information security (2002/C 43/02) (PDF)


News and other information on security:

Special report from CERT/CC: "Tracking and Tracing Cyber-Attacks: Technical Challenges and Global Policy Issues (PDF)

"The anonymity enjoyed by today’s cyber-attackers poses a grave threat to the global information society, the progress of an information-based international economy, and the advancement of global collaboration and cooperation in all areas of human endeavor [...] It is clear that tracking and tracing attackers across a borderless cyber-world, and holding them accountable, requires multilateral actions that transcend jurisdictions and national boundaries."

Baker and McKenzie - Security Law Site

Security and Wi-Fi:

- Wired News: Report: Wi-Fi Networks Too Risky 

- Slashdot: Replacing WEP for Wireless Security

- ZDNet: Making Wi-Fi safer

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