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Questionnaire on the reform of the International Telecommunication Regulations
1. Introduction
Resolution 79 of the 1998 Plenipotentiary Conference instructs the ITU Secretary-General, in consultation with the Director of TSB and a balanced group of appropriate experts, to advise the Council on any action the Union should take in relation to the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs).

The Council in 1999 appointed a group of 19 experts (Document C99/123), which met in November 1999 and continued its work through working groups that operated by electronic means. The Chairperson's Executive Summary provides a record of the work of the Expert Group.

The ITU Secretary-General reported (Document C00/31) to the 2000 Session of Council on the work carried out by the Expert Group, and the Council (Document C00/58) agreed that:

  1. Volunteers should be invited to prepare texts for consideration by the Council in 2001 and relevant ITU-T Study Groups invited to consider whether certain administrative or operational elements of the ITRs, which fall within their responsibilities, are still valid, and to examine the possible consequences of converting the ITRs text to the form of a Recommendation.
  2. A questionnaire, drafted in consultation with the Expert Group, should be distributed to obtain the views of the membership on this issue and the results should be reported to the next session of the Council.
2. Outline of the questionnaire
This questionnaire, based on the work of Expert Group and the decision of the Council in 2000, is designed to survey the views of Member States and Sector Members on the reform of the ITRs. Respondents are invited to express their overall views on the reform of the ITRs and to indicate their opinions on each of the four options developed by the Expert Group (it is possible to support more than one option). Any additional comments, reflecting the needs and concerns of the membership, are particularly welcome.

All of the inputs and output documents discussed at the Experts meeting, as well as subsequent contributions and working group reports, are available on the ITU website at:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please return the questionnaire by February 28, 2001, either by:

Post: ITU, Strategies and Policy Unit, Room T1211, Place des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 20
Fax: +(41) 22 730 5881



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