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Past work on ITRs


In June, 2001, the ITU Council reviewed the work of the reform of the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) (available in Word, PDF). 

The Secretary-General submitted a report to the 2001 session of Council (June 18 - 29) with the results of the questionnaire sent to all Member States and Sector Members of the ITU to obtain their views on the reform of the ITRs. The following analysis gives details of the comments (HTML, PDF, Word) made by the respondents, and classification (HTML, PDF, Word) of the responses received by the ITU Secretariat.

Australia, taking note of the work on the ITRs carried out so far, provided the members of the ITU Council 2001 with a separate document on this subject for their consideration.  

During the 2001 session, Council agreed that further consideration by Members of the ITU was required, and opinions on this issue should be forwarded to the Secretary-General on a voluntary basis.  A final report by the Secretary-General before the next Plenipotentiary Conference (Marrakech, September 2002) will be submitted to the 2002 Council to report any further considerations provided by the ITU membership.

Further to a request made by the 2001 Council members, the Secretary-General will also suggest possible dates for a conference to be held on this subject and an estimate of the costs involved.


For the 2000 Session of Council (19 - 28 July, 2000), the Secretary-General of the ITU delivered a report covering the work carried out by the Expert Group nominated by the 1999 ITU Council.  The Council  agreed that a questionnaire, drafted in consultation with the Expert Group, should be distributed to obtain the views of the membership on this issue and that the results should be reported to the 2001 session of the Council.


The Expert Group, chaired by Mr. Roy Blane (INMARSAT), duly considered the reform of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs). The chair's Executive Summary  (HTML, WinWord, PDF) provides a record of the work of the Group. 

The Expert Group first met in Plenary, in Geneva, on 8-10 November 1999. The documents from this meeting are also available, including an initial review of the ITRs prepared by the ITU secretariat. The Executive Summary contains the reports of two working groups that were subsequently established: 

  • Working Group A: "to progress the elements of work concerning Regulatory Issues and the concerns of Developing Countries", in PDF and WinWord format; 

  • Working Group B: "to progress the review of basic instruments with a view to meeting the current and future needs of Member States, either by revising or integrating the ITRs", in PDF and WinWord format;

  • In addition the Executive summary contains a third annex entitled:

  • Option 4: "to defer determinations on whether to change the ITRs", in PDF and WinWord format


Background documents and working documents are also available, as well as the contributions from the Expert Group since the meeting in November.




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