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ITU Strategic and Financial Plans 
Preparations for the Strategic and Financial Plans for the Union 2008-2011

Resolution 71 (Marrakesh 2002) instructed the ITU Council to present to Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-06) a proposed strategic plan for the period 2008-2011. In line with Article 11, No. 74A of the ITU Constitution, the Secretary-General is invited to supply the membership with materials to assist them in the process of strategic planning.

According to the ITU Convention (Article 4, No. 62A) in the “last but one ordinary session of the Council before the next plenipotentiary conference, [Council shall] initiate the preparation of a draft new strategic plan for the Union, drawing upon input from Member States, Sector Members and from the Sector advisory groups, and produce a coordinated draft new strategic plan at least four months before that plenipotentiary conference.” Under the current timetable, the 2005 Council is the “last but one” session and the draft new strategic plan, covering the period 2008-2011, would need to be posted on the PP-06 website by June 2006. Decision 527 (C05/94) from ITU Council 2005 details the procedure for establishing a working group for the elaboration of a draft Strategic Plan and a draft Financial Plan for consideration by Council 2006 and presentation by Council to the Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-06).

For reference, in preparation for the 2004-07 Strategic Plan, Council in 2001 established by Decision 504 an informal group on the strategic plan, under the chairmanship of Kathleen Heceta (Philippines). The informal group met on 7-8 March 2002 and reported to the 2002 Council (C02/33 Rev. 1), where the draft plan was adopted with only minor changes and forwarded to PP-02. The Plenipotentiary adopted the strategic plan as Resolution 71. It has 6 main goals for the Union as a whole, as well as 12 sub-goals for the ITU-R, 18 for ITU-T, 14 for ITU-D and 16 for the General Secretariat. ITU-R organizes its sub-goals into three priority categories, but the other Sectors do not do so. The 2004-07 strategic plan contains 4’700 words compared with 8’900 words for the 1999-2003 plan, reflecting the desire of the membership for a more concise strategic plan.

The purpose of this website is to provide the ITU membership with all the relevant material to assist with the process of strategic planning, including contributions from the membership, input documents from the Sector Advisory Groups, the recommendations of the Working Group on ITU Reform, linkages with the operational plans and the financial plan, etc. The following sections provide more information to that has been identified as important for the preparatory process:

ITU Strategic Plan 2008-2011 from ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2006 (PDF)(Word)
Draft of ITU Financial Plan 2008-2011
Collected Material for Council Working Group Meetings 2006
Material for Council Working Group Meeting 30-31 January 2006
Material for Council Working Group Meeting 27-28 October 2005
Contributions 2005 and 2006  
Material to assist with Strategic Planning for 2008-2011
Current and previous Strategic Plans 
Old material used to assist with the Strategic Planning process for previous ITU Strategic Plans
Linking Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning website  
Relevant links


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