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Decision 504




Document C2001/115-E

29 June 2001

Original: English

GENEVA        2001 SESSION      (18 - 29 JUNE)




Decision 504

(approved at the fifteenth Plenary Meeting)

Establishing a Group for the Strategic Plan


The Council,


a)         Resolution 71 (Minneapolis 1998) instructing Council to present to PP-02 a proposed strategic plan for the period 2003-07,

b)         CS 74A requiring that the General Secretariat provide material required for the preparation of a strategic plan,


that the Sector Advisory Groups review strategies and priorities for their Sectors, prepared input for Resolution 71 (Minneapolis 1998) and have undertaken to prepare input for a strategic plan for the period 2003-07,


that the development of the strategic plan of the Union should allow for participation by the full range of ITU membership,


to establish an informal group, open to all membership, to develop a draft strategic plan for consideration at Council 2002 and presentation to PP-02, with the following goals:

·        to use, to this effect, the materials provided by the Secretary-General and by the Sector Advisory Groups and/or Conferences or Assemblies,

·        to develop text on other needed sections, using, among other resources, the material provided by General Secretariat, and

·        to seek to develop as uniform a format and approach among the sections of the strategic plan as may be appropriate.

·        to publish on the ITU website no later than 1 December 2001 a preliminary draft strategic plan for the Union for the period 2003-2007, to be adjusted as appropriate, producing a second draft to present to Council 2002,

            invites participants in the development of a strategic plan for the period 2003-07, the Secretary General, Bureau Directors, and Sector Advisory Groups

to take into account the need to develop synchronization and linkage among the strategic plan, financial plan , and operational plan functions within the ITU.




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