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Biography of Mr. Antocicco Sergio

Mr. Sergio Antocicco, Italian, born in Naples in 1943, obtained (1968) a Master in Nuclear Electronic Engineering. He is Chairman of INTUG, International Telecommunications Users Group. He is also President of ANUIT, the Italian telecommunications professional users association, since 1989, President of ENSA - European New Society Association, based in Paris, President of Istedil SpA, a Company providing testing and control services for materials and tools used in the building industry based in Rome. For 21 years he was Professor of Information Systems Organisation - Faculty of Economics at LUISS University in Rome. From 1989 to 1999 he was Vice President of the Commission on Information and Telecommunication Policies at ICC, Paris. He was also (1978-2000) CIO of Confindustria, the Organisation representing some 130.000 private industrial companies in Italy. He was appointed by the Italian Government as Director of the Italian Control Room for the Y2K roll-over. He is the Expert for telecommunication issues of IlSole24ore, the main Italian economic newspaper and a regular speaker in radio and TV emissions. Top

Biography of Mr. Bagnasco Enrico

Head of the department of Research and Trends, Telecom Italia. He holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Torino (Italy) and joined the Telecom Italia's research center in 1988. He has led OSS standardisation activities in ETSI, ITU and TeleManagement Forum. He chaired the ETNO (European Public Telecommunications Network Operators' Association) TMN working group and has been active in IEEE acting as General Chair the NOMS2002 symposium. Within Telecom Italia, he has hold different management responsibilities in the areas of Network Management and Service Platforms. Currently he is Head of Research&Trends, driving the technology plan, the standard coordination and the long term research projects. Top

Biography of Dr. Bazelon Coleman

Dr. Bazelon is a Washington, DC native. He received his BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT and Diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics. After a break from school as a Research Assistant at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System he enrolled in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at the University of California at Berkeley where he was awarded a Doctorate in 1995. Although his doctoral work was on the political economy of California water policy reform, the Congressional Budget Office put Dr. Bazelon to work analyzing radio spectrum auctions. Since then he has focused primarily on telecommunications issues. In 2001, Dr. Bazelon joined the Analysis Group, an economic consulting firm, to lead its telecommunications practice. His past consulting engagements include litigation, regulatory and arbitration experience in the wireless, wire line and video sectors. More recently, he was a bid advisor for SpectrumCo, a cable television consortium that participated in the recent Advanced Wireless Services Auction in the U.S. Dr. Bazelon writes and speaks regularly on telecommunications issues.  Top

Biography of Mr. Bondelind Lars

Mr. Lars Bondelind is graduate of KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and have 30 years of experience in designing and delivering large ICT systems like air traffic control, banking and telecommunication systems. He has built and managed engineering organizations covering all facets of the product life cycle, within Philips and has 10 year tenure with Ericsson Radio Systems AB. In recent ten years, his responsibilities has interleaved to marketing of systems and services with engineering and product strategy issues, a mix that is the signature of his role since joining Huawei in April of 2001 to build the Swedish branch, and where he has held the position of Vice President.  Top


Biography of Ms. Bueti Cristina  

Cristina Bueti graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and International Cooperation and Development at the University of Florence, where she took postgraduate studies in International cooperation. In 2003, Ms. Bueti completed a project for the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta, before joining the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, in January 2004. Working in the ITU's Strategy and Policy Unit, as a policy analyst she has been involved in the organization of a wide range of activities from technical workshops to international conferences. Ms. Bueti participated in the Tunis Phase of WSIS. Top

Biography of Mr. Cain Jeremy  

Mr. Jeremy is responsible within Ofcom for implementing the outcomes of the Independent Audit of Spectrum Holdings. In particular his responsibilities involve developing the necessary legal and technical enablers, and incentives, to promote spectrum efficiency for public sector, aeronautical and maritime spectrum users. His role requires close collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, as well as the UK’s civil aeronautical and maritime authorities. Jeremy has a background in competition and economic regulation in the UK prior to which he worked in the private sector in the UK and New Zealand. Top

Biography of Mr. Christmas Fred  

Fred has an extensive Telecommunications background spanning 35 years which includes 20 years in Engineering with Standard Telephones and Cables (now Nortel) and Plessey where roles were mainly in Research and Development and hardware design. This was followed by 10 years with Ericsson in roles ranging from UK Technical Sales Director, Global Accounts Director and New Business Director. These roles have mainly involved digital fixed networks, Mobile terminals, and GSM and WCDMA 3G Mobile Systems. For the last 6 years Fred has been Director of Strategic Technology Planning for the 3G operator '3'UK, part of the Hutchison Whampoa Group, where current responsibilities include investigating and encouraging new technologies that have the capability of complement 3GSM and provide new applications and services to '3's customers.


Biography of Ms. Delenda Lamia

Delenda Lamia is deputy director of France Telecom group Spectrum Office, in charge of Regulatory prospective and Economic assessment. She also acts as the France Telecom representative in the external fora's relating to spectrum management Policies. She is designated as the France Telecom representative for Agenda Item 7.1 of the World Radiocommunications Conference 2007 (WRC-07) that deals with the report to the ITU-R Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau on "improving the international regulatory framework". Prior to joining France Telecom Spectrum Office, Lamia worked at France Telecom External Relations Direction and prior to that at Global one and at Transpac. She holds a Master in Business Management from IAE (France) and a PHD in Political Science. Top

Biography of Mr. Doyle Chris

Specialist in regulatory and competition law issues relevant to the electronic communications network and service industries. Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Management under Regulation, a research centre based at Warwick Business School, and Associate Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Warwick. His written work has been widely published and he has presented seminars and lectures at many distinguished universities and industry conferences. He has featured on television, radio and in newspapers worldwide on many occasions. He has also been involved in government inquiries and participated in many policy workshops. Top

Biography of Mr. Feasey Richard

Richard Feasey is the Public Policy Director for the Vodafone Group, coordinating global public policy and regulatory affairs throughout Vodafone’s 28 operating companies including Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific. Richard has over fifteen years’ experience in international telecommunications in fixed, internet and wireless sectors; having been responsible for public policy at Worldcom International, Ionica plc and TeleWest Communications plc.  He has chaired worldwide industry bodies and is currently chair of the Regulatory Advisory Board of the GSM Association. Top

Biography of Mr. Fournier Eric

Graduated from Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (SUPELEC) in 1991, he is since 1st January 2007 Director for Spectrum Planning and International Affairs in the Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR). In 1997, he joined the newly created Agency to set up a team to carry out sharing and compatibility studies and to contribute to CEPT and ITU-R meetings. He was previously working in the Research Centre of France Telecom, dealing with ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and Spectrum engineering. Top

Biography of Mr. Frullone Mario

Mario Frullone is the Research Director of Ugo Bordoni Foundation, designated by the Italian law (L.3/2003) as a high culture institute operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Communications. Mario Frullone is currently the technical chief in charge of design, roll-out and maintenance of the Italian EMF monitoring network. He is currently president of Elettra 2000, a no-profit institution set up by the University of Bologna, the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation and the Ugo Bordoni Foundation to promote research activity on the sanitary and environmental impact of electromagnetic fields. He had technical responsibility in a number of European projects, particularly in the field of mobile communications. He is author of more than 120 papers published on international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Mario Frullone has been secretary general and member of the board of the national broadcaster association for the promotion of terrestrial digital television (DGTVi) and resigned from the association to enter the technical advisory committee set up by the Italian regulatory authority (AGCOM) to study the technical procedures for the analogic TV switch off and the implementation of the national frequency assignment plan. Top

Biography of Mr. Galea Censu

As Minister for Competitiveness and Communications, Mr. Censu Galea is responsible for Competition Policy Small Business and the Self-Employed Trade Services Consumer Protection Malta Standards Authority Intellectual Property civil aviation regulation, maritime affairs, wireless telegraphy, and telecommunications and postal regulation.

Mr. Censu Galea was born on the 28th August, 1956. He studied at the Lyceum and the University of Malta from where he graduated as an architect in 1982.

Mr. Galea was Secretary of the Nationalist Party Club of St. Paul's Bay. Between 1978 and 1981 he was also Secretary General and President of the Youth Section of the Nationalist Party.

Mr. Galea first contested the General Elections in the interests of the Nationalist Party in 1981. He was elected Member of Parliament in the 1987, 1992, 1996, 1998 and 2003 General Elections. Following his re-election in 1992, Mr. Galea was appointed Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Social Security where he was responsible for Social Housing. In 1994 Mr. Censu Galea was appointed Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries responsible for Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Housing. Between 1996 and 1998, he was shadow Minister for Transport and Ports, Secretary and Whip to the Nationalist Parliamentary Group. Following the General Elections of September 1998, Mr. Censu Galea was appointed Minister for Transport and Communications. He was reappointed in the same position following the elections of April 2003. In March 2004, Mr. Galea was appointed as Minister for Competitiveness and Communications in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi.Top

Biography of Mr. Gentiloni Paolo

Paolo Gentiloni was born in Rome on 22 November 1954. He is a professional journalist and has a degree in political sciences. He became Francesco Rutelli’s spokesman in 1993 and was Jubilee and Tourism Councillor in the Rome City Council. He has coordinated numerous election campaigns and was a founding member of the Margherita party. He was the party’s communications spokesman for five years. In 2001, he was elected Member of Parliament and during the XIV legislature he was Chairman of the Broadcasting Services Watchdog Committee. Elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the XV legislature, he is a member of the ULIVO Parliamentary Group. Since 17 May 2006 he has been Minister for Communications in Prodi’s second government. Top

Biography of Mr. Greco Frank

Frank Greco has worked in the European Commission since 1994. He joined the Radio Spectrum Policy unit in DG Information Society and Media in 1999, where he is deputy Head of Unit, coordinating the Commission’s spectrum harmonisation activities.

In his earlier work in the Commission, he managed EU RTD projects in ICT areas.

Before joining the Commission, he worked in the optical communications and electricity distribution commercial sectors.


His academic background is in astrophysics, telecommunications and business.Top

Biography of Dr. Hazlett Thomas

Dr Hazlett is an internationally recognized expert on telecommunication policy and senior adviser to Analysis Group/ Economic. As a senior adviser to analysis group, Dr. Hazlett has provided his expert testimony to the court and government agencies and has also provided consultancy to the number of public and private organization. His research area mainly focuses on law and economy, focusing on telecommunication policy. Currently, he is a columnist for the Financial Times' New Technology Policy Forum

Dr. Hazlett has Ph.D from University of California, Los Angeles. Previously, he was faculty member in the University of California, Davis, Columbia University, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He served as Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C. from 1991- 1992. Currently, he is faculty in George Mason University; in addition, he directs the Information Economy Project at the National Center for Technology and Law. Top

Biography of Mr. Horvitz Robert

Robert Horvitz is Director of the Open Spectrum Foundation (, a not-for-profit policy research and advocacy project registered in Amsterdam.  In the mid-1980s he was Government Liaison and then Executive Secretary of the Association of North American Radio Clubs.  He attended the 1987 World Administrative Radio Conference for High Frequency Broadcasting as an NGO observer.  His "Local Radio Handbook" - published by Internews in 1991 - has been translated into 6 languages.  From 1992 to 1995 he was the Soros Foundations' radio specialist for Eastern Europe and Central Asia;  from 1995 to 1997 he was coordinator of their Internet Programme. He has lived in Prague since 1991. Top

Biography of Dr. Kelly Tim

Dr. Tim Kelly has specialization in economic of Telecommunication Industry. He is author or co-author of more then 30 publication relating to Internet report, word telecommunication development report and world information society report.

Previously, Dr. Kelly worked as communications Policy Analyst with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and as a consultant with Logica Consultancy Ltd. .Currently, he is the head of Strategy of Policy Unit (SPU) in International Telecommunication Unit (ITU). He is being working in SPU since 1993.

Dr. Kelly has PHD in industrial economics from Cambridge University and an MA in Geography from Cambridge University.Top

Biography of Mr. Kohrt Klaus

Since completing a masters degree and a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1984 Dr. Kohrt has worked in the Siemens telecommunication business in various roles in Germany and abroad. His key expertise is in network architecture evolution and for many years he helped to develop and promote Siemens vision and product strategy both in the wireline and mobile carrier business. In 2003 Dr. Kohrt took over government and industry relationship management for Siemens mobile. In this role he serves on a number of committees and in January 2004 was elected Vice Chairman of the UMTS-Forum.

Dr. Kohrt is married, has two children and in his spare time he likes to scuba-dive the lakes and oceans of this world.

Biography of Mr. Kopf Wolfgang

Information is not currently available. Top

Biography of Mr. Lamanauskas Tomas

Tomas Lamanauskas is a deputy director of the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT). In November, 2005 the President of the Republic appointed him to the Council of the RRT.

Tomas Lamanauskas was awarded the Master of Laws degree by the University of Vilnius (Lithuania). Since 2002 he continues his studies as a PhD student at the same University.

Between 1999 and 2001 Tomas Lamanauskas worked as a legal adviser for UAB “Lietuvos telekomo verslo sprendimai” (Lithuanian Telecom’s Business Solutions). In 2001 he joined the newly created Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority as the head of the Legal Section. Since 2004 Mr. Lamanauskas is a deputy director of the RRT.

Tomas Lamanauskas represented Lithuania in various international events, including the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS-2005, Tunis), the World Telecommunications Development Conference (WTDC-2006, Doha) and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF-2006, Athens).

Since 2002 Tomas Lamanauskas lectures courses related to information technology and telecommunications law in various subsidiaries of Vilnius University. Since September 2006 he is an assistant professor at the Department of International and European Union Law, the Law Faculty, Vilnius University.

Tomas Lamanauskas made 52 presentations in various conferences as well as published 16 articles in the field of ICT. He is also the co-author of the books “Information technology law”, “Electronic communications law“, and “Information Society Law”.Top

Biography of Mr. Laven Phil

Mr. Phil Laven worked for BBC since 1966. He was a chief engineer in R&D with the responsibilities of all BBC’s R&D activities. From 1993 to 1997, Mr. Laven act as Controller of Engineering Policy in BBC; during this period he played an important role in the development of BBC’s policy, particularly in technical sector, by introducing digital audio broadcasting and digital television. Currently he is Director of the Technical Department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) based in Geneva. He joined EBU in 1997. Top

Biography of Dr. Lehr William

Dr. William Lehr is recognized international expert in filed of industry and regulatory economics of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industries. In addition to this, he is the well know economist and industrial consultant. His main research area is the mixture of technical, economic/business strategy, and public policy issues that arises in the development of internet infrastructure.

Previously, Dr. Lehr was an associate research scholar and assistant professor of finance and economics in the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, and had given lectures on media economics, telecommunications regulation, and e-Business strategies in the United States and Europe. He was the associate director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's research program on Internet & Telecoms Convergence (ITC, Currently, he is a research associate in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is currently working with the Communications Futures Program ( ) ( )

Dr. Lehr graduated from university of Pennsylvania with the MSE degree in 1984. He did MBA in finance from Wharton School in 1984. He has a PhD in Economics from Stanford University (1992). Top

Biography of Mr. Leite Fabio

Fabio Leite is Deputy-Director and Head, Informatics, Administration and Publications Department (IAP) of the Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)Since starting his career in ITU in 1987, Mr. Leite has held different positions as satellite communications engineer, Counsellor for mobile radio services and for fixed wireless systems, and Project Manager, International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT 2000). He also served as technical secretary in several World Radiocommunication Conferences.

Before joining the ITU, Mr. Leite worked for EMBRATEL, Brazil, responsible for the communications system engineering unit of the first Brazilian domestic satellite system, BRAZILSAT. Since 1980, he participated in many ITU Radiocommuncation conferences and meetings as member of Brazilian delegations, responsible for technical and regulatory issues. He was elected Vice-Chairman of ITU Radiocommunication Study Group 4 (fixed-satellite service) in 1986.

Mr. Leite has Bachelor and Master of Applied Science degrees in Electrical Engineering with specialization in telecommunications. Top

Biography of Mr. Luther William

Mr. Luther holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia.  He retired in May 2006, from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission after 49 years of experience as a field engineer, inspector, investigator, Engineering Division Chief, International Advisor, and as Chief of the International Radiocommunication Branch in the FCC International Bureau.   

He has been representative, spokesman, Deputy Head, or Head of U.S. Delegations to many conferences of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal.  He is currently a Vice Chairman of the ITU Radiocommunication Advisory Group, meeting later this week (January 24-26).   

In 1988, William Luther was awarded the FCC Silver Medal for Meritorious Government Service.  In 1996, he was awarded the Chairman's Special Achievement Obelisk for FCC Service.  He has sixty-six publications. Top

Biography of Mr. Marinescu Catalin

Catalin Marinescu is president of the General Inspectorate for Communications and IT since 2005 following an 11-year experience gained with the fixed line operator Romtelecom. An Electronics and Telecom graduate in Bucharest, Marinescu holds a MA degree in Management and change of the public sector form the University of Manchester UK (1998) and a Professional Certificate in Management from the Open University of Bucharest CODECS. He was part of the team that drew up the IT & C government program. Till 1990 he coordinated the earthquakes base station of the Institute of Geological and Geophysical Prospects in Bucharest and in 1995 he set up the Foundation for local development in its home district Ialomita where he had the chance to lead many EU-financed projects. Top

Biography of Mr. Medeisis Arturas

Arturas Medeisis worked at European Radiocommunications Office since 2001, as Deputy Director since 2004. His main area of expertise covers spectrum engineering and radiocommunications policy. Before joining the ERO he worked with the radiocommunications regulatory agency in Lithuania. Since the beginning of his spectrum management carrier more than 10 years ago he was actively involved in the international activities in CEPT and ITU.

He holds BSEE from Vilnius Technical University, and MSEE/PhD degrees in telecommunications engineering from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

Biography of Mr. Nozdrin Vadim

Vadim Nozdrin has been working on technical and regulatory aspects of satellite coordination at ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau since 2000. Having got practical experience during 4 years in operation and management of telecommunication and broadcasting networks as engineer working on advanced multiplexing systems at Russia’s main operator, Rostelecom , since 1992 he had technical and executive responsibilities at the Moscow Radio Research and Development Institute. He has been involved in studies of technical, regulatory and economical aspects of spectrum management.

He has a degree in telecommunication engineering, and a PhD in spectrum management economics from the Moscow University of Telecommunication and Information.Top

Biography of Mr. Obiso Marco

Mr. Marco Obiso graduated in Computer Science from the University of Rome. He went on to complete further studies at the IBM Networking Laboratories in Rome. Mr. Obiso joined Unisys Corporation as Technology Consultant developing solutions and implementing system integration projects. He subsequently worked for Ernst & Young consulting, coordinating IT strategy projects. In 2000 Mr. Obiso moved to Geneva to start work at the ITU as associate expert, in the area of Network Engineering. Within the Information Systems Department he participated in several areas including: network infrastructure, system integration and application cooperation, becoming IT Service Management coordinator.

He subsequently moved to the Strategy and Policy Unit of ITU, providing advice concerning technical developments and trends in the ICT sector, including technical standards work and emerging ICT technologies. He is currently Topthe Programme Manager of Shaping Tomorrow's Networks initiative.

Biography of Dr. Ormala Erkki

Dr. Ormala was born 1950. He has his Dr. Tech. degree in 1986 from the Helsinki University of Technology.

In 1987-1999 he was the secretary of the Science and Technology Policy Council of Finland. The Council is chaired by the Prime Minister with the task to give advice to the Government and administration in issues related to science, technology and innovation policies. In 1999 he joined the Nokia Group as a Vice President, Technology Policy. At Nokia his responsibilities cover technology policy, knowledge management, university co-operation, future watch and issues relating to the information society.

He has published over fifty papers on evaluation and innovation policies. He has been a consultant to a number of industrial companies, international organizations and European governments. In 1992-1993 he chaired the international expert group which carried out the evaluation of EUREKA. Since 1994 he has been a member of the evaluation and monitoring panels of a number of the EU RT&D programmes. 1996-1999 he was the chairman of the OECD Working Group for Technology and Innovation Policy. In 2004 he chaired the Five-Year-Assessment group of the EU Research Programmes covering 1999-2003. Top

Biography of Dr. Peha Jon

Jon M. Peha is Associate Director of the Center for Wireless and Broadband Networking at Carnegie Mellon University, and a Full Professor in the Department of Engineering & Public Policy and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.  His research spans technical and policy issues of computer and telecommunications networks.  This has included spectrum, broadband Internet, wireless networks, video and voice over IP, communications for emergency responders, universal service, secure Internet payment systems, e-commerce, and network security.   He frequently consults for industry and government agencies around the world.  Dr. Peha has addressed telecom and e-commerce issues on legislative staff in the US Congress, and helped launch a US Government interagency program to assist developing countries with information infrastructure.  He has also served as Chief Technical Officer of three high-tech start-ups, and as a member of technical staff at SRI International, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Microsoft.  Dr. Peha holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.  Home page: Top

Biography of Mr. Pujol Frédéric

Frédéric Pujol joined IDATE in November 1992. As head of the mobile services division, he is responsible for consultancy assignments and prospective studies in this sector.
In recent months, he has produced a series of studies on the impact of technological innovation and the new rules of competition in this rapidly expanding sector.

Prior to joining IDATE, he acquired in-depth experience in mobile network architecture while with the France Telecom Group (Sofrecom, Télésystèmes).

Frédéric Pujol graduated as engineer from ISEN (Institut Supérieur d'Electronique du Nord, Telecommunications option, Lille, 1986) and CITCOM (Technologies communication engineering centre, Network architecture option, Paris, 1987). Top

Biography of Ms. Reding Viviane

The biography of Ms. Reding Viviane is available at Top

Biography of Mr. Resnick Ron

Ron Resnick serves as President and Chairman of the WiMAX Forum, a position he has held since 2004. He is employed by Intel as a member of the Mobility Group. In June 2002, Ron launched and became general manager of Intel’s Broadband Wireless Access business startup focused on wireless Metropolitan Area Network (“last mile”) technology. Ron joined Intel in April of 2000 where, as director of new business development for Intel’s Corporate Technology Group, he managed technology commercialization efforts within Intel’s labs. He concurrently served as a staff member of Intel's New Business Initiatives, an internal venture fund established to attract and incubate new business efforts internal to Intel.

Before joining Intel, Resnick served in executive marketing and business development positions, most recently as vice president of marketing of a computer peripherals company, ThrustMaster. He is a member of the Association of Corporate Growth and board member of the Wireless Communications Association. He also served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Ron earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Rutgers University.  Top

Biography of Mr. Ritchie Samuel

After 10 years in research and development focusing on underground communication systems, Samuel Ritchie moved into spectrum regulation when he joined the Independent Broadcast Authority of South Africa where for 5 years he aided in establishing the first private TV, private Radio and community radio services across South Africa.

For the last 6 and a half years Samuel has been the Spectrum Manager for the Republic of Ireland with responsibility for spectrum strategy and competitions. Top

Biography of Mr. Aletta Salerno Guido

In 1978, Guido Salerno was the winner of the open procedure for officials of the Senate of the Republic, since then he has held several high-level positions in various institutions, including those of economic and financial planning and telecommunications regulation and policy: at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, as General Secretary; at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, as Vice- General Secretary; at the Treasury Department and as a Member of the Research Commission on the reform of the state budget and public accounting.

Dr. Salerno managed the successful liberalization and privatization process of the telecommunication sector in Italy. He was member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Economic Planning for the control of tariffs for public utility services. Since 1998, he has been a National Member of the '2000-2006 Community support framework of the European Union'. Dr Salerno has also served as a top-level manager for Telecom Italia, the first licensed operator for telecommunications in Italy; specifically, he was head of International Operations of Telecom Italia in Argentina and Vice President of Telecom Argentina. He is currently Managing Director of Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, a prestigious Italian independent telecommunications research centre. Top

Biography of Mr. Santella Giovanni

Giovanni Santella was born in Rome, Italy, on June 24, 1961. He received the Electronic Engineering degree from the University of Rome in 1990. From 1990 to 2000 he has been working as a researcher in the radio communications area at the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB), in Rome. His research interests covered the characterization and modeling of radio wave propagation, wideband wireless communication systems, such as OFDM, WCDMA and LMDS.

He was also involved in EC projects such as RACE-II/dTTb, ACTS-QUOVADIS and ACTS-CABSINET. From December 2000 he has been working at the “Autorità per le Garanzie nelle comunicazioni (AGCOM)”, the Italian regulator for the telecommunications and the audiovisual sector. Its main activity is related to the technical aspects of AGCOM regulatory and monitoring activity in the field of cellular mobile systems (GSM-UMTS), wireless point-to-multipoint systems (WLL), xDSL systems, local loop unbundling, digital broadcasting (DAB, DVB-T), frequency planning for digital terrestrial television (DTT), coverage monitoring of DTT networks. He is currently coordinating a technical group for a periodic revision of the spectrum management rules for the copper access network and xDSL systems. He is also in charge for the definition of the regulatory framework for VoIP services. Top

Biography of Mr. Setiawan Denny

Denny Setiawan was born in Ciamis, Indonesia, 8 November 1971. He is graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1990 and postgraduated from University of Indonesia in year 1999 majoring telecommunication engineering and management. He has been working in Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications, The Republic of Indonesia since year 1995, particularly in spectrum management. He has been participating in several ITU meetings such as WRCs, CPMs, and some other international forums as one of Indonesian delegation. Mr. Setiawan has also been involved in developing spectrum policy and planning, developing the Indonesian Frequency Table Allocation. Since May 2005, he was appointed as Deputy Director for Spectrum Policy and Planning. He was much involved in developing policy and planning of cellular bands in Indonesia, including IMT-2000, which Indonesia experiencing the first ever auction. Top

Biography of Mr. Sims Martin

Martin Sims is a journalist and academic who specializes in communications policy issues. He has first hand experience of the UK broadcasting sector, having worked as a News Editor in independent radio then as a journalist for BBC network news. In the last five years, he has concentrated on broadcasting and telecoms policy, lecturing at the University of East London and editing Intermedia, the policy journal of the International Institute of Communications. He contributed a chapter to The Handbook of Corporate Communications published by Routledge in 2004. Martin has a BA (hons) from Goldsmiths College, University of London, a post-graduate journalism diploma and an MA from the University of Westminster.Top

Biography of Mr. Struzak Ryszard

Ryszard Struzak, ( ), former Co-Chair of WG on Spectrum Utilization and Management of International Union of Radio Science and V-Chair of the ITU Radio Regulations Board, is a Full Professor in the National Institute of Telecommunications and Co-Director of ICTP-ITUD-URSI School on Wireless Networking at International Centre for Theoretical Physics.  Previously, he served as Senior Counselor and Head of Technical Department at the ITU International Radio Consultative Committee, Editor-in-Chief of Global Communications and independent consultant to international, governmental and private-sector entities, and held other senior positions.  Top

Biography of Mr. Sutherland Ewan

Ewan Sutherland was former Executive Director of INTUG, the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG), based in Brussels, between 1999 and 2005. He spent fifteen years as an academic, latterly a dean in the University of Wales. He has taught at the Universities of Wolverhampton, Westminster, Stirling and Wales, plus a semester as a visiting professorial lecturer at Georgetown University (Washington, DC). His teaching has concentrated on the strategic and policy aspects of business use of telecommunications and information technology. Ewan is a graduate of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, both in his native city of Glasgow, Scotland.Top


Biography of Mr. Timofeev Valery

Mr. Timofeev has professional experience in the field of radio-wave propagation, frequency spectrum planning, development of national EMC standards and the design of satellite communication and television and radio broadcasting systems and has played a significant role in managing radio spectrum, satellite orbits and natural resources.

From 1961 to 1992, Mr. Timofeev occupied various positions in State Radio Research Institute (NIR). From 1970 to 1974, he was engineer in secretariat of the international frequency registration board of ITU. Since 1992 he is being deputy chairman in the sate radio frequency commission of the Russian Federation. In 1994, he was deputy minister for communications and information of the Russian Federation. In 1993, he was chairman of world radio communication conference and vice chairman of radio communication assembly. In 997, he was vice chairman of ITU regulation board; in 1998, he became chairman of ITU regulation board. Currently, he is the director of Radiocommunication Bureau.

Mr. Timofeev has written more than 60 books on various aspects of radiocommunications and broadcasting, satellite communications, frequency planning, EMC and international cooperation. Top

Biography of Mr. Touhy Brendan

Brendan Tuohy is Secretary General of the Irish Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. He was appointed in June 2002 on the establishment of the Department. The DCMNR is responsible for a number of sectors of the economy including telecommunications, broadcasting, postal, ecommerce, marine, fisheries, aquaculture, ports, exploration, mining, forestry, energy and renewable resources.

Brendan was previously Secretary General of the Department of Public Enterprise and prior to that was Assistant Secretary in that Department and its predecessor, the Department of Transport, Energy and Communications. He currently serves as a member of the National Economic and Social Council ( and the United Nations Task Force on Information and Communications Technology for Development (

He holds a degree in civil engineering from University College Cork and post-graduate qualifications in environmental engineering and management from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. Top

Biography of Dr. Touré Hamadoun

Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré, a citizen of the Republic of Mali, carries over 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications field and has had the opportunity to hold various management positions in leading Telecommunications companies. His professional career covered the Public sector in his native Mali, Intergovernmental institutions with INTELSAT in Washington D.C. and the Private sector with ICO Global Communications.

Dr. Touré holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of St. Petersburg, Russia (1979).

At the time of his election as Director of BDT in 1998, he was working in the Private sector as the Africa Regional General Manager for ICO Global Communications, a Global Mobile Personal Communication System (GMPCS) company. Dr Hamadoun Touré has been re-elected for a second term as Director of Telecommunication Development Bureau on 2 October 2002 at the Marrakesh Plenipotentiary Conference.

Dr. Touré was with ICO Global Communications from 4 July 1996 to January 1999 and was responsible for the company's regional operations and marketing distribution networks across the African continent. He developed and managed the relationship with regional and national telecommunications organizations, government departments and regulatory authorities and service distributors. He was also responsible for identifying and enhancing business opportunities for the successful commercial implementation of ICO's services throughout the continent.

His main strategy has been a regional approach, which involves setting up Joint Ventures, including Private and Public corporations from Cellular Network Operators to Public Telecommunication Corporations. Dr. Touré has also been very active in pursuing all policy matters related to GMPCS implementation with the Regulators in all African countries.

Prior to ICO, he worked for INTELSAT (from 1985 to 1996), the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization based in Washington DC, USA. He served there in several positions, starting in the Assistance and Development Programme (IADP), managing regional assistance and development programmes. During this time he developed plans for the implementation of regional interconnectivity projects aimed at improving direct regional links and reducing external transits. Dr. Touré was subsequently Director Africa, and Group Director for Africa and the Middle East, driving INTELSAT's approach to these two important regions. As Group Director, A&ME of INTELSAT, Dr. Hamadoun Touré was responsible for all technical, commercial and operational matters in the region.

Dr. Touré began his career at the Office of Posts and Telecommunications (OPT) of Mali (West Africa) in 1979. At OPT, the turning point of his career was his nomination as the Head of Satellite Communication and as the Head of the Division of International Telecommunications at the time of the merger of the international and national sectors which created SOTELMA and which also resulted in the creation of two separate entities of Post and of Telecommunications. Top

Biography of Mr. Troisi Francesco

Mr. Francesco Troisi is a graduate in Electronic engineering and works at the Italian Ministry of Communications as Director of the General Direction for frequencies management and planning. His main tasks are, inter alia, the handling and updating of national frequency allocation tables, participation in meetings at both a national and international level, including meetings of the CEPT and the ITU, attending World Radio Conferences and coordinating activities with neighboring countries. He was deputy chief of the Italian delegation at the Word Radio Conference (WRC) held in Istanbul in the 2000, and he also coordinated, at a national level, all phases for preparations of the WRC 2003. He was head of the Italian delegation during the first phase of the Regional Radio Conference, which was held in Geneva in 2003.During the Italian presidency of the European Ministers Council, Mr. Troisi headed the delegation for electronic communication aspects, in close cooperation with the Italian Minister of Communications. He is a member, as an Italian representative, of the Radio Spectrum Committee (RCS) and of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) both operating at the European Commission level in the field of spectrum policy. Formerly, he was involved in the monitoring of spectrum at a local level, working in offices attached to the Ministry of Communications. Top

Biography of Dr. Ken Umeno

Ken UMENO received his BSc degree in electronic communication from Waseda University,Japan in 1990. He received his MSc and PhD degrees in physics from the University of Tokyo, Japan in 1992 and 1995, respectively. From 1995 to 1998, he was a special post doctoral research fellow of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan. He joined the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Communications Research Laboratory (currently National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, NICT) as a research official. In 2003 he funded ChaosWare, Inc, a first spin-off company of NICT.

Currently, he is a principal investigator of NICT as well as a CEO and president of ChaosWare, Inc. He is an inventor of 39 registered patents in the fields of telecommunications, security, and financial engineering. He is interested in chaos theory and inventing chaos applications to catch up and to be caught up in the current ICT revolution towards a ubiquitous network society.

Biography of Mr. Whiteside Don

Donald M. Whiteside is vice president of the Corporate Technology Group and director of Technical Policy and Standards for Intel Corporation. Whiteside is responsible for coordinating Intel's efforts in development and management of technical policy and standards in support of Intel's global technology leadership objectives. The TPS organization influences global technical policy through facilitating Intel participation in global standards setting processes, industry alliances, public policy organizations, and legislative & regulatory agencies. 

Prior to Whiteside's appointment as director, Technical Policy & Standards, he was director, Strategic Programs Office where he coordinated Intel's efforts in accelerating broadband and rich content deployment. 

Whiteside received a bachelor's degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from Tulane University in 1981. Top

Biography of Mr. Whittaker Michael

Michael , B Sc. (Physics), Grad. Dip. Electronics, has over 23 years experience in radio spectrum planning, working for the Australian Government beginning 1984, pioneering automated frequency assignment systems and publishing in that field.  Michael led the introduction of flexible spectrum management techniques in Australia in 1994 becoming the principal architect of the form of flexible spectrum licensing which supports either the outsourced or centralised regulatory authorisation of spectrum access for any type of technology and service through compliance with either a fully defined set of explicit transmit rights in relation to all interference mechanisms, or provision of any necessary internal guard space based on those rights.  This is a space-centric approach which can provide equitable spectrum access when dissimilar equipment is operated in adjacent spectrum spaces.  It can also create practical rules for authorizing dynamic spectrum access by software reconfigurable devices.   

Mr. Whittaker was chairman of a Government sponsored industry consultative forum in 1997 which established the licence conditions for 800 MHz and 1.8 GHz spectrum licences.  Michael also later designed the 28/32 GHz and 3.4 GHz spectrum licence conditions and is now a director of FuturePace Solutions designing web-based online transmitter certification and authorization services for outsourced self-management of interference, incorporating automated compliance and coordination checks as well as the integration of real time EMF human exposure management for complex shared sites at which those transmitters operate.  Michael authored a book “Flexible Radio Spectrum Access” in March 2006 which for the first time clearly described the space-centric method as a fully scalable general solution for radio interference management in a flexible usage context.Top

Biography of Mr. Ypsilanti Dimitri

Dimitri Ypsilanti is Head of the Telecommunication and Information Policy Section at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry. He is responsible for the work on communications policy and the Working Party on Telecommunication and Information Services Policy (Committee on Information, Computer and Communications Policy). Mr. Ypsilanti's work has included telecommunication economic and policy analysis in a range of areas including trade in telecommunication services, international telecommunication tariffication and accounting rates issues, analysis of regulatory reform, comparative analysis of telecommunication performance among the OECD Member countries and work on regulatory requirements for information infrastructures, convergence and the infrastructure requirements for electronic commerce.

Mr. Ypsilanti has managed the Directorates input into the OECD’s programme on regulatory reform. He was a member of the Advisory Board to the Greek government on their telecommunication law and has advised the Greek telecommunications regulator (EETT). He has also been involved in the OECD's work on technical assistance in the field of telecommunication policy to the Central and Eastern European Economies and the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. He has also worked on industrial policy issues, including structural adjustment and issues regarding high technology industries.

Mr. Ypsilanti was also Secretary to the OECD’s Task Force on Spam.

Mr. Ypsilanti is a member of the editorial board of Telecommunications Policy and Info. Mr. Ypsilanti has studied economics at Bristol University (UK), and at Memorial University and Queens University in Canada. Top


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