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Costa Rica
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Costa Rica - Radiográfica Costarricense

Currently there is no anti-spam enforcement authority in Costa Rica. However, on 14 May 2002, the government-owned ISP, RACSA, has issued a specific ruling on SPAM that regulates messages generated within its domain, This applies to all its customers, a group comprising 80 per cent of Costa Rica´s Internet users. The ruling addresses the issues of spam and unsolicited commercial communications, and establishes an opt-in, opt-out system. It includes penalties that range from the spammer signing a formal commitment to stop all spam, all the way up to the permanent closure of the Internet account. The actions taken under this ruling have reduced the amount of spam generated in Costa Rica to a negligible level.

Competent authority  Radiográfica Costarricense
 Regime: Opt- in,Opt out
Contact person 
(ISP) Radiográfica Costarricense, S. A. (RACSA)
Postal address: Apartado Postal 54 1000 
San José Costa Rica
Tel.: (506) 287-0402
Relevant legislation in place Laws: 
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