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Argentina - National Directorate for Personal Data Protection

In 2001, anti-spam legislation (“Anteproyecto de Ley de Regulación de las Comunicaciones Publicitarias por Correo Electrónico”) was proposed and in November 2003, the Federal Court heard its first spam case. The judge issued an injunction relying on the 2000 Personal Data Protection Act, in particular its Article No. 25, under which the accused spammer was ordered to stop sending e‑mails after an opt-out was requested. Under other sections of the Act, the spammer was also ordered not to give the addresses to a third party. When spammers are convicted, the final sentence must be communicated to the National Direction for Personal Data Protection (DNPDP). The DNPDP is the authority in charge of Data Protection within the Ministry of Justice; the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data. In 2004, the national legislator introduced a new Bill in Congress, allowing the government to block IP and cancel domain names of spammers. The Bill proposes an opt-out system (“Proyecto de ley para regular el Spam en Argentina” of 11 May 2004). 

Competent authority

National Directorate for Personal Data Protection (Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales, DNPDP)

Contact person

National Directorate for Personal Data Protection (DNPDP)
Sarmiento 329 4º piso (anexo), (C1041AAG)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires,

Tel. +54 11 4394-2786

Relevant legislation in place


News and information


  • The European Commission: Article 29 Data Protection Working Part Opinion 4/2002 on the adequate level of protection of personal data in Argentina. 

  • The Commission of the European Communities: Decision C(2003) 1731 on adequate protection of personal data in Argentina. 


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