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Memorandum of Understanding  between  Internet Society of China and eBay


Memorandum of Understanding
Internet Society of China
eBay/Microsoft/America Online/Yahoo!


In Beijing on 2 September 2004, the Internet Society of China (ISC), representing China’s  major telecom companies, Internet service providers (ISP), network facility manufacturers and relevant science, research & development and education institutes, partnered with four multinationals that provide Internet and e-commerce service and technology: eBay Inc., Microsoft Corp., America Online Inc., and Yahoo! Inc. to hold the 2004 China Internet Conference International Anti-Spam Summit.

Addressed by government, industry and association speakers from China, U.S., and other international government and industry-sponsored organizations, and attended by over 200 Chinese and foreign participants, the Summit shared understanding of spam problems and challenges, and explored effective means and best practices in legislation, law enforcement, management and technology that constitute the holistic approach to combat spam.

ISC and eBay Inc., Microsoft Corp., America Online Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. agreed to work towards a spam-free future by exploring areas of cooperation and coordination, including:

1.        Foster discussion with on-line merchants, ISPs and other Internet companies on mechanisms to protect Internet users from spam, and on-line fraud;

2.        Encourage the reference to and adoption of effective practices and experiences from around the world for protecting against spoofing and other forms of ID theft;

3.        Discuss the development of effective technology solutions to combat spam and on-line fraud;

4.        Work with government entities and relevant social organizations to help educate the public on how to fight spam and on-line fraud;

5.        Work proactively with network-related international organizations and law enforcement bodies to promote a public policy environment conducive to the punishment of spammers and perpetrators of on-line fraud.

This document reflects the interest of the signatories in continuing to collaborate in the fight against spam but is not intended to and does not create legally binding obligations among the parties.


Signing Parties

Title Signature                                          
Internet Society of China Secretary General
Chengqing Huang     
eBay    VP & CISO
Howard A. Schmidt
Microsoft DGM, China  
David Kay 
America Online Director
Carl Hutzler 
Yahoo! CTO, Asia Region
Daniel Lee


2 September 2004, Beijing, P.R. China


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