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Internet for a Mobile Generation: List of Figures


Figure 1.1:  Mobile and Internet: Identical twins, born two years apart 

Figure 1.2:  Media hype precedes market growth

Figure 2.1:  Possible migration paths from 2G to 3G.. 

Figure 2.2:  The IMT-2000 family of terrestrial radio interfaces

Figure 2.3:  Approximate wireless ranges

Figure 2.4:  The structure of DoCoMo’s i-mode network

Figure 2.5:  Average length of mobile data sessions

Figure 2.6:  Radio access systems for mobile data

Figure 3.1:  Internet and mobile users according to GDP per capita (2001) 

Figure 3.2:  Historical Internet and mobile growth, strengths and weaknesses

Figure 3.3:  More mobile than fixed

Figure 3.4:  Mobile Internet around the world

Figure 3.5:  Worldwide SMS growth

Figure 3.6:  Mobile Internet users

Figure 3.7:  3G in Korea and Japan

Figure 3.8:  World 3G subscribers and revenues, predictions

Figure 3.9:  Main players in the mobile data value web

Figure 4.1:  Competition status

Figure 4.2:  The 3G rollercoaster 

Figure 4.3:  Open mobile Internet access for 3G (W-CDMA) 

Figure 4.4:  The payment chain: models for common billing

Figure 5.1:  PC Internet access and mobile Internet access in Japan: 

Figure 5.2:  Broadband king: The Republic of Korea

Figure 5.3:  The impact of a competitor in China

Figure 5.4:  SMS usage and demand for mobile data in China

Figure 5.5:  Thailand, English and the Internet 

Figure 5.6:  Mobile growing in fertile markets

Figure 5.7:  Nearly hitting the ceiling with mobile

Figure 5.8:  Africa - a mobile continent 

Figure 6.1:  Software bugs

Figure 6.2:  Growing the mobile data market 

Figure 6.3:   How Koreans use mobile data

Figure 6.4:  The 3G revenue gap

Figure 6.5:  Spot the potential: Actual and potential users in developed and developing countries

Figure 6.6:  Which developing economies are likely to adopt the mobile Internet first?








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