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Internet for a Mobile Generation: List of Boxes


Box 2.1:  Broadband on the bus: The convergence of wireless LANs and 3G   

Box 2.2:  Stumbling, snorting, and “war driving” to a wireless network near you  

Box 2.3:  The joy of txt 

Box 2.4:  Fixed SMS in Singapore

Box 2.5:  Chatting between the wired and wireless  

Box 2.6:  Scan this  

Box 2.7:  Mobile money: The PayBox example  

Box 2.8:  Unwire me a Coca-Cola : always Cmode  

Box 2.9:  The credit is in the pocket 

Box 2.10:WAP 2.0 and industry evolution to xHTML  

Box 3.1:  Opening up the networks in Japan  

Box 4.1:  3G licence prices in France: “times they are-a-changing”

Box 4.2:  Hong Kong’s licensing process, or how to do it well 

Box 4.3:  Reconsidering unlicensed spectrum   

Box 4.4:  Significant market power (SMP) in Sweden  

Box 4.5:  Policy on mergers in Korea  

Box 4.6:  Pricing SMS messages: The Danish regulator’s response

Box 4.7:  SMS interconnection in Chile and Venezuela

Box 4.8:  The Korean approach to open gateways and portals

Box 4.9:  The case of France Telecom’s locked portal 

Box 4.10: The potential role of ITU in the global circulation of terminals

Box 4.11: Consumer protection guidelines

Box 4.12: Serious SPAM damage in Japan, and the countermeasures  

Box 4.13:  United States General Accounting Office (GAO) Report on mobile phone health issues  

Box 5.1:   The freedom to roam, from Japan  

Box 5.2:   Korea’s broadband success: Can it be replicated?

Box 5.3:   Singapore—e-ready, but not so Internet mobile…    

Box 5.4:   Asia’s first multimedia messaging over the MMS platform, in Hong Kong, China  

Box 5.5:   China Mobile’s Monternet programme

Box 5.6:   Paper-pushing over the Net: Chile’s Internet-friendly government initiatives

Box 5.7:   Where credit is due: Prepaid in Venezuela

Box 5.8:   Swedish operators: Sharing doesn’t come easy

Box 6.1:   Enhanced 911 numbers  

Box 6.2:   Mobile data in Korea  

Box 6.3:   Uganda’s mobile miracle  






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