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Freely accessible internet resources, relevant to the workshop
 International and Regional Organizations
 Public Sector Proceedings 
 Academic Research
 Private Sector Analysis

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International and Regional Organizations
  APECTEL33: VoIP and Fixed-Mobile Convergence
  Numbering for Nomadic 'Voice over IP' Services' (2005)
  Numbering for VoIP Services (2004)
European Commission 
  2006: Television Without Frontiers
  2006: European Charter for Film Online
Regulatory Package Implementation Reports
  2006: 11th Report
Public Consultations
  2006: Public Consultations on Regulatory Framework [New]
  2005: Public Consultations on Scope of Universal Service
  2005: Public Consultations on NGN
  2004: Public Consultations on VoIP
  2005: Telecoms Price Developments from 1998 to 2005
  2004: Internet protocol (IP) voice and associated convergent services
  2004: Internet Access Costs Via a Standard Telephone Line, ADSL, and Cable Modem
  2003: Study on Barriers to Competition in the Supply of Electronic Communications Networks and Services
  2003: Study on the policy implications of convergence in the field of naming, numbering and addressing
  2003: Study on regulatory implications of the introduction of Next Generation Networks
  2002: Study on The Economics of IP Networks - Market, Technical and Public Policy Issues Relating to Internet Traffic Exchange

European Parliament
  2006: Public Hearing on Audiovisual Media Services Directive

European Regulators Group
  2005: Common Statement on VoIP regulatory approaches
  2004: Voice over IP discussion note
 ITU's Activities on NGN
  What Rules for IP-Enabled NGNs? (2006)
   - Ruling the New and Emerging Markets in the Telecommunication Sector
   - Interconnection in an IP-enabled NGN Environment
   - Universal Service in an IP-enabled NGN Environment
   - NGN Policy and Regulatory Proceedings Worldwide
  VoIP and Regulation (2005)
  VoIP in South and Eastern Europe: Strategy and Policy Considerations (2006)
  Ruling Voice over IP: Challenges for Regulators in Latin America (2006)
 2006: Multiple Play: Pricing and Policy Trends
 2006: Rethinking universal service for a next generation network environment
  2006: Europe moves to top of OECD broadband rankings
 2006: Internet Traffic Exchange: Market Developments and Measurement of Growth  
 2006: Policy considerations of VoIP  
  2006: The policy implications of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
 2006: The implications of WiMAX for competition and regulation
 2006: VoIP: Developments in the market
 2006: Next generation network development in OECD countries
 2006: Development of voice over WiFi by integrating mobile networks
  2005: OECD Communications Outlook, 2005 edition
  2005: OECD Roundtable on Communications Convergence
 2004: The development of broadband access in rural and remote areas
  2004: Development of third-generation mobile services in the OECD
 2003: Trends in international calling prices in OECD Countries
 2003: Broadband and Telephony Services Over Cable Television Networks
The World Bank / InfoDev
  Convergence, IP Telephony and Telecom Regulation (2006) 
  Technological Convergence and Regulation (2006)
  ICT Regulation Toolkit (in collaboration with ITU; 2006)
  Practical Handbook for Telecommunications Regulators (2002)

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Public Sector Proceedings

  RTR: Guidelines for VoIP Service Providers (2005)
VoIP: Fundamentals, Regulation and First Experiences (2006)

  RTR: VoIP and Regulation
  TPRP: Final Report (2006)
Regulatory framework for voice communication services using Internet Protocol (2005)
  CRT: Developments in the Telecommunication Sector (2006) [New]
Market Observatory: Last Numbers, 2005 (2006)
  BNetzA: Telecommunication Services Market: Annual Report 2005
  BNetzA: Proceeding on VoIP
BNetzA: Market Observatory
Prosposed amendments in the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 and the existing Telecom Licenses for facilitation of Growth of IPTV services (2006)
Recommendations on Issues relating to Convergence and Competition in Broadcasting and Telecommunications (2006)
Recommendations on Next Generation Networks  (2006)
  HIF: Strategic Concept on Electronic Communications Regulation (2006)
  COFEMER: Public consultation on convergence (2006) 
  UKE: Consultations on VoIP (2006)
Romanian Electronic Communications Market (2006)
CMT: Light regulation on VoIP services (2005)

IDA: Proposed Policy Framework for IP Telephony and Electronic Numbering in Singapore (2005)
  TK: Regulatory Proceedings and Current Telecommunications Market Situation (2006)
  OFCOM: Consultations on VoIP (2006)
  OFCOM: Regulatory Challenges Posed by Next Generation Access Networks (2006)
  FCC: Voice over IP

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Academic Research

  2006: Access Regulation and the Adoption of VoIP
  2005: VoIP under the EU Regulatory Framework: Preventing Foreclosure?
  2005: (de) Regulation of VoIP in telecom industry: some principles and concepts
  2005: Replacing Centric Voice Services with Hosted VoIP Services
  2005: Operator value creation through technological convergence: the case of VoIP
  2005: “Voice over IP”: law challenged by technology
  2005: Skype and the New Regulatory Framework

  2005: VoIP at the Crossroads. A Critical Overview of Feasible Regulatory Models

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Private Sector Analysis

  Wolfgang Reichl: Balancing Innovation and Preservation in Telephony (2006)
  Cullen International: IPTV Commercial Offers: Cross-Country Analysis (2006)
  WIK: VoIP Business Models and ENUM – Opportunities and Challenges (2005)
  The Economist: The meaning of free speech (2005)
  TeleGeography: Free Recourses (2006)
  OVUM: The Impact of IP on Mobile (2006)
  Gilbert Tobin: International Comparison of Approaches to Economic Regulation of VoIP (2006)
A Discussion of the Evolution of VoIP regulation Worldwide (2005) / Telecom Policy Review – Context, business models and promotion of new technologies (2005)

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New Initiatives Programme

The ITU New Initiatives Programme is designed to keep the ITU and its membership informed of trends in ICTs and to provide them with a forum to debate issues of high current policy interest. The purpose of the programme is to track changes in fast-changing technologies, policy and market trends, so as to promote information exchange among the membership and generate new ideas that may support the activities of the Sectors. The ITU New Initiatives Programme has two main elements: international expert workshops and publications. More than 15 workshops have been held since 1999 with the results released in reports, case studies and on CD-ROM. Recent workshops include “What rules for IP-enabled NGN?” and “Ubiquitous Network Societies”. For more information, please see the ITU New Initiatives Programme website.

General Information on the Workshop

Date: January 2007

Location: ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

Organizer: ITU Strategy and Policy Unit  

Contact: Jaroslaw Ponder

Background Materials Coming Soon
Background Papers
Innovation Dynamics in the IP Environment
Market Potential of Voice and Next Generation Services
Regulatory Trends: New Enabling Environment

Regional Case Studies
Latin America
Central, Eastern and South Europe

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SPU Newslog 
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