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Promoting Broadband Workshop Documents

Promoting Broadband (April 2003)

PB/01 Agenda PDF
PB/02 List of Participants PDF
PB/03 Background Paper PDF
PB/04 Republic of Korea Case Study PDF
PB/05 Canada Case Study PDF
PB/06 Hong Kong, China Case Study PDF
PB/07 Japan Case Study PDF
PB/08 Iceland Case Study PDF
PB/09 Suggested List of Issues for Discussion PDF
PB/10 Speech by Mr. Utsumi PDF
PB/11 Chairman’s Report PDF

Regulatory Implications of Broadband (May 2001)         

RB/01 Agenda PDF
RB/02 List of Participants PDF
RB/03 Background Paper (2001) PDF
RB/04 Australia Case Study (2002) PDF
RB/05 Italy Case Study (2002) PDF
RB/06 Malaysia Case Study (2001) PDF
RB/07 South Africa Case Study (2002) PDF
RB/08 Speech by Mr. Utsumi Word
RB/19 Chairman's Report PDF




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