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ITU New Initiatives Programme:
The Regulatory Environment for
Future Mobile Multimedia Services

Regulatory environment for future mobile multimedia services - Spectrum Management
See also June 2006 Workshop Page

These pages aim to provide background resources on issues relating to spectrum management in a mobile multimedia environment.

Other resources:

General background resources (including competition issues)

Consumer Protection and Privacy

Legacy Mobile Regulatory Issues

International Workshop
An international experts workshop under the ITU New Initiatives Programme on the "The Regulatory Environment for Future Mobile Multimedia Services" (see programme) was held from 21-23 June 2006 in Mainz, Germany. The workshop was hosted by Germany’s Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway.

For more information about the research project and workshop, please contact Ms. Lara Srivastava at <lara.srivastava(a)>.


ITU Newslog and Related Publications
News from the ITU SPU Newslog   on: 
    - Mobile 
    - Wireless Networks
    - Ubiquitous Networks
ITU Internet Report "The Internet of Things", November 2005
ITU Internet Report "The Portable Internet", Sept 2004
ITU Internet Report "Birth of Broadband", Sept 2003
ITU Internet Report "Internet for a Mobile Generation", Sept 2002
ITU Workshop and Research Project on "Ubiquitous Network Societies"
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ITU Workshop and Research Project on "Competition Policy in Telecommunications"
ITU Workshop and Research Project on "Radio-Spectrum Management for a Converging World"
Research project on "Mobile overtakes fixed" (2003)


ITU New Initiatives Programme


Background resources on spectrum management and future mobile multimedia services

ITU/BNetzA, Workshop Background Paper, ITU New Initiatives Workshop on the Regulatory Environment for Future Mobile Multimedia Services, Towards more flexible spectrum regulation and its relevance for the German market, June 2006

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Consultation Paper on Issues relating to Convergence and Competition in Broadcasting and Telecommunications, January 2006

Ofcom (Presentation by M. Wakefield), Regulating the Mobile TV Market,

European Commission, European Commission website on Radio Spectrum Policy

European Commission, Press Release “TV without Frontiers: Commission proposes modernised rules for digital era TV and TV-like services”, 13 December 2005

European Commission, Press Release “Commission proposes advancing the single market for radio spectrum use”, 29 September 2005

European Commission, Communication “A forward-looking spectrum policy for the European Union – second annual report, COM (2005) 411, June 2005

European Commission, Communication “A market-based approach to spectrum management in the European Union , COM(2005) 400”, September 2005

Various ITU Documents on Spectrum

ITU Global Symposium for Regulators on ways to adapt and evolve licensing and regulatory structures to cope with convergence of information and communications technology sectors, Presentation Materials and Documents, December, 2004

M. Cave, Spectrum licensing and spectrum commons—where to draw the line  (a paper prepared for the International Workshop on Wireless Communication Policies and Prospects: A Global Perspective, USC, October 8-9, 2004)

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D. Nolan, "Spectrum Policy: Regulation and Markets"; Paper to Dublin Economic Workshop, Kenmare on Spectrum Policy October 15, 2005

J.M. Bauer ; "Spectrum Management and the Mobile Services Industry"; Quello Center Working Paper 04-03, August 1, 2003

C. Ting, S.S. Wildman, J.M. Bauer, "Modeling the efficiency properties of spectrum management regimes", Revised working paper, September 14, 2004

Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, "Licensing Framework For Deployment of Broadband Wireless Access" Consultation Paper, 20 December 2004

J. Luo, X. Huang; "Planning Future Heterogeneous Wireless Networks", Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium in Hangzhou, China, 22-26 August 2005

OFCOM, Mobile Multimedia - Regulatory Issues, Presentation at Mobile TV Workshop, 27 June 2005

InStat, Digital Multimedia Broadcasting in Korea , January 2005 (includes a survey of the DMB regulatory environment, including profiles of key regulatory agencies and summaries of current issues)

The Economist, Spectrum policy - On the same wavelength, Aug 12th 2004





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