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Licensing Policy for 3G

One of the major issues for the introduction of third generation services is the choice of the licensing method, e.g.  first-come first-served, lotteries, comparative bidding (beauty contest), auctions.  Each one of these methods has a number of variations. 

Recently, mobile operators have had to pay phenomenal rents in auctions for 3G licenses, particularly in Europe. The United Kingdom, for instance, raised 33 billion USD in its April 2000 auction and Germany followed suit at 47.5 billion USD in its 3G auction later that year.  Finland, on the other hand, awarded four licenses at no cost to the operators on the basis of comparative bidding. As such, there is a wide disparity in license fees and methods across markets.  This raises a number of issues related to market structure, pricing and service development. 


Licensing & Deployment Updates

ITU IMT-2000 License Allocation Table, xls  
(Last Update:  12 September 2001)

UMTS Forum: Licensing Overview

CDG (CDMA Development Group) - CDMA 2000 Deployment Database

3G licenses - list from

European 3G Auction Guide from the Financial Times


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ITU Workshop on Licensing of 3G Mobile (Geneva, 19-21 September 2001)   


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