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ITU and its Activities Related to Internet Protocol (IP) Networks


Chapter Ten: Summing Up

10.1           Summing Up

In keeping with its historical role, ITU has continually updated its activities to take account of developments in the telecommunications world. The acceleration of the pace of both technological and economic development that has occurred in the latter half of the twentieth century, has brought about a radical change in the way information and communications are perceived and used. Almost everywhere in the world, users of telephones and the Internet are affected by converging technologies, changing market practices and regulatory and standardization initiatives. Throughout this report, examples have shown how ITU Member States and its private sector members are preparing for a global information, or “knowledge-based” society, as aimed at by numerous initiatives—including the World Summit on the Information Society.[1] These States and private sector entities that form ITU’s membership have continuously recognized the need for ITU to go on fulfilling its role in the new environment by addressing these changing needs.

As part of its commitment to playing a positive role in the development of the information society and to extending the benefits of advances in new ICTs to all the world’s inhabitants, ITU has extended its vision, helping to disseminate information, producing new standards, presenting internationally comparable statistics and “cases” to assist countries, initiating projects in the field and helping to manage the radio spectrum. ITU’s work to bring both the organization and the outside world greater understanding of wireless technologies and the Internet, including Internet-Protocol related technologies, as among the fastest-moving areas in telecommunications, will hopefully assist its public, and especially its membership, and form part of the essential groundwork for its ongoing activities.



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