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Worldcom contribution


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Ad Hoc US Study Group A ENUM





SOURCE:      Worldcom



CONTACT:    Stephen J. Engelman          

2400 N. Glenville Road

Richardson, Tx 75082

972- 729 -5168                    



                        Robert Freilich

                        2400 N. Glenville Road

                        Richardson, Tx 75082

                        972 – 729 – 5139




DATE:                        March 28, 2001



TITLE:    and Tier 1 Registries discussion





This contribution has been prepared by WorldCom to assist Ad Hoc SGA in its discussions, and it should not to be considered a binding proposal on

WorldCom or any of its representatives. 

WorldCom reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw this

contribution at any time.



The following are discussion points on some of the issues raised at the February SG A ENUM meeting:


SG A Queston : Should be an implemenation of ENUM in the US?


Comment: Yes, if there is to be an ENUM  implementation in the US, then the domain should be the single root for ENUM service. Alternatively, implementations using multiple root servers should not be considered due to performance issues associated with multiple ENUM lookups.


Figure 1 depicts a potential US ENUM DNS structure using the DNS.



Figure 1 Potential US ENUM DNS Implementation


 SG A Queston: What are the implications for other countries in the NANP?


Comment: Canada and the NANP Carribean countries could participate in a US Tier 1 structure, or they could alternatively provide their own Tier 1 DNS. Should Canada or the NANP Carribean countries decide to have their own Tier 1 DNS, then the domain will need to have a 1+NPA table for routing to the US, Canadian or Carribean Tier 1 domains.


SG A Question: Should there be multiple Tier 1 Registries ( in the US (e.g. regionalization of Tier 1 domains based on area code with no area code in more than one Tier 1)?


Comment: It is premature to determine if its desireable to have multiple Tier 1 Registries. Descriptions of Tier 1 and Tier 2 functional requirements and administrative issues need to be developed and understood prior to making this decision.



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