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ITU ENUM Workshop

ITU ENUM Workshop

Administrative Issues for Regulators,

Policy Makers and Numbering Authorities


17 January 2001


International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland


On 17 January 2001, the ITU will host a one-day workshop to discuss administrative issues related to operational deployment of the ENUM protocol. The workshop will focus on the implications of the ENUM protocol, developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which involves mapping and synchronization of ITU‑T Recommendation E.164 international telephone numbers with the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). The ITU-T Recommendation E.164 refers to the international public telecommunication numbering plan, which is extensively used for the provision of the international telephone service. During the last year, ITU-T Study Group 2, responsible for E.164, and the IETF have held discussions and collaborative activities related to the deployment of ENUM services.


Although the workshop is principally intended for national regulators, policy makers and numbering authorities, attendance is open to any interested participant The workshop will not only contain topical tutorials, but will provide adequate time for participant discussion and the identification of specific issues. The workshop draft Agenda and Registration materials are available on the ITU web site at


The ENUM protocol has important implications for national Administrations responsible for numbering policies. The view of ITU-T Study Group 2 is that administrative entities, including DNS administrators, should adhere to the applicable tenets of existing pertinent ITU-T Recommendations[1] with regard to the inclusion of E.164 resource information in the DNS. Specifically, in a recent liaison statement[2] to the IETF, Study Group 2 noted that since most E.164 resources are utilized nationally, ENUM service and administrative decisions are primarily national issues under the purview of ITU Member States.


In the same liaison statement, Study Group 2 stated that the ITU is responsible for providing country code assignment information to related DNS administrators, but only after ensuring that each Member State has authorized the inclusion of their E.164 country code information for input into the DNS. Therefore, there is a need to discuss mechanisms whereby ITU Member States would or would not provide this authorization. ITU-T Study Group 2 also noted that the national component of an E.164 resource mapped into the DNS, for geographic resources, is a national matter and is, therefore, administered by the ITU Member State(s) to which the country code is assigned.


In order to discuss the regulatory and policy implications of the ENUM protocol with participating experts from the ITU and IETF, and to assist Administrations in their consideration of national ENUM operational and administrative issues, the ITU is hosting this one-day workshop. This workshop will be chaired by Roy Blane, Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 2. A summary of the workshop discussions will form the basis of a letter to all Member States from the ITU Secretary-General concerning ENUM, its relation to circuit-switched networks, and the likely impact for Administrations if they decide to coordinate DNS space that parallels their current administrative responsibilities for E.164 country codes. It is intended to use this event as a gauge to decide whether further workshops will be required to assist ITU Member States in their deliberations on this topic. Specific issues identified during the workshop may be referred to an appropriate forum for consideration and resolution.


[1] For example, ITU-T Recommendations E.164, E.164.1, E.190, and E.195.



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