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Mr. Nabil Kisrawi,
Syrian Telecommunication Establishment


Syria could not agree with statement made by Mr. Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator, IEG, on behalf of Mr. Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary General for Economic & Social Affairs, that the meaning of Enhanced Cooperation as a key area related to the Internet Public Policy issues was not understandable by many participants to the WSIS. On the contrary, this second framework to implement the outputs of the Summit relevant to this Enhanced Cooperation covering Public Internet issues was understandable by many ITU Member States, which have agreed in WTSA-08 through the adoption of Resolution 75, which resolved to establish a Dedicated Group on Internet related Public Policy issues as an integral part of the ITU – Council Working Group on WSIS. Further, that Council-08 amended its Resolution 1282 to create this Dedicated Group as Part of its Working Party on Resolution 140 of the PP-06 (Antalya) limited to the Member States only. So the proposal to deal with this issue by the IGF is not proper and it shall be refused.

Syria believes as many Arab States that Enhanced Cooperation shall be limited to the ITU Member State as called for by those Member States attending the WTSA (Johannesburg -08) resulted in the adoption of Resolution 75.